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Meet Telna

The Telna team is a diverse, united and friendly group of professionals, who are closely attuned to industry trends and changes. Telna aims to deliver innovative and high-quality global communication technology. Together, we work hard to deliver the best solutions to our customers and partners.


Why Telna?

Our mission is to make the world a more connected place and we are committed to doing so within our company values.

  • Telna Life

    Telna celebrates its diversity and embraces a harmonious multicultural work environment, encouraging equal opportunities for all genders. Our goal is to build a company that both our employees and customers are proud of.

  • Focus on Well-Being

    Telna offers annual health and dental coverage to support employee’s needs. We indulge in our complimentary weekly lunches and enjoy a variety of cuisines from different parts of the world. Our fully stocked snack and refreshment section features healthy options to munch on while we work.

  • Training and Development

    Telna encourages employees to enroll for professional development courses by offering annual allowances.

  • Commitment to Customers

    We believe in understanding the stories of individual customers in order to offer a valuable solution that meets their needs. We treat our customers as partners and work closely with them to enhance their business. We ensure our commitment with timely response and by providing relevant and useful upgrades.



We offer additional benefits to our employees to create a unique experience.

Health and dental coverage

Complimentary lunch one day/week and refreshments

Any necessary equipment

Central location at Yonge & Eglinton

Dog-friendly environment

Multicultural & Diverse Team


Explore our Open Positions

Remote - North America, South America or Europe
Remote - North America, South America, Turkey or Europe
Remote - North America, South America, Turkey or Europe
Remote - North America, South America, Turkey or Europe
Remote - North America, South America, Turkey or Europe
Toronto, CA
Remote - Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia or India