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Telna's three-step approach. To grow new revenue streams for MNOs.

Telna's three-step approach. A complete and customized solution for CSPs.
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By working with Telna you can reach your connectivity goals in no-time. 

eSIM powering IoT and roaming devices with global data.

The only prepaid global billing platform for Connectivity Service Providers.

Global Network, One Single Agreement.
Reach the market faster with one global operator.

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Telna API:
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Experience a seamless integration with Telna's API, designed with an array of robust features for eSIM management. Streamline operations, ensure seamless connectivity, and dive into capabilities that redefine global telecommunications.


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Experience the future of cellular connectivity management with Telna.

Group 191
01 / eSIM Management Efficiently manage and monitor your SIM and eSIM profiles, ensuring seamless connectivity and service.
02 / Policy and Charging Rules Define and implement policies for data usage, ensuring cost-effectiveness while maximizing service quality.
03 / Troubleshooting Tools Experience real-time diagnostics and problem-solving capabilities, keeping your services up and running.
04 / Event Webhooks Stay updated with real-time event notifications, allowing for proactive management and swift response.
05 / Modifying Network Access Gain the ability to adjust network access on-the-go, ensuring optimal connectivity and performance.
06 / A2P SMS Enhance your reach and communication capabilities by sending messages to SIMs even without an MSISDN assigned.
07 / Hierarchical Account Management Efficiently manage companies and sub-companies under a structured hierarchy, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.