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Telna's three-step approach. To grow new revenue streams for MNOs.

Telna's three-step approach. A complete and customized solution for CSPs.
Let's build something together.
By working with Telna you can reach your connectivity goals in no-time. 

eSIM powering IoT and roaming devices with global data.

The only prepaid global billing platform for Connectivity Service Providers.

Global Network, One Single Agreement.
Reach the market faster with one global operator.

Leverage the full potential of Telna's API, explore functionalities.

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Telna's Solutions: Industry Success & Diverse Applications.

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Making the world a more connected place since 2002.

The Telna team is a diverse, united, and friendly group of professionals closely attuned to industry trends and changes.

Work anywhere. A global company to match a global network!

Telna’s three-step approach for MNOs

Integrate. Whitelabel. Launch.

1. Integrate -
Seamless Collaboration

Designed to drive new revenue streams, enhance partnerships and propel your business to new heights.  Offer services through a single direct roaming agreement with Telna. 


Frame 8 (8) Customized Integration

Whether a simple direct roaming agreement or a dedicated block of IMSI ranges, we enable a streamlined partnership for MNOs to offer connectivity to CSPs.

Frame 8 (8) Flexible CSP Onboarding

We provide bespoke connectivity integrations that align with the needs of Connectivity Service Providers (API, Radius (AAA) or a full Network (Connectivity Hub, SS7, GTP) integration.

Frame 8 (8) Opex Model

Telna provides a Opex-based managed solution. Integrating Telna’s solutions into your existing environment is hassle-free, reducing time-to-market and ensuring smooth operations from day one.

2. Whitelabel -
Our Services, Your Brand

Telna's whitelabel solutions offer MNOs the ability to extend their reach and brand presence.


Frame 8 (8) API, Radius & Management

Whitelabel our API and Management Tools to create customized offerings that resonate with your target audience by leveraging our well-documented and scalable platform.

Frame 8 (8) Connectivity Hub /
GTP Hubs
Utilize our whitelabel management tools for eSIM provisioning, device management, and more. Maintain your branding while benefiting from our innovation.
Frame 8 (8)eSIM

Offer state-of-the-art eSIM services under your brand name, ensuring a consistent and modern connectivity experience for your customers.

3. Launch and Manage
New Services

With Telna, launching your tailored solutions to CSPs becomes a streamlined and strategic process. The Telna Management Platform puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to manage your CSPs in real-time.


Real-Time Monitoring

Get real-time insights of CSP performance. Set alerts, track trends, and make informed decisions.

Low Latency

With over 7 Points of Presence optimize where your CSPs terminate their data.

Automation & Control

Telna's full integration with cloud providers facilitates seamless scaling in sync with your CSPs, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

Security and Compliance

FCC licensed and a full member of the GSMA, Telna’s platform guarantees data integrity and confidentiality by strictly adhering to global compliance standards.

Frame 470

Telna's streamlined three-step approach

Integrate, White Label and Launch – provides a strategic pathway for innovation, growth, and success.