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Telna's three-step approach. To grow new revenue streams for MNOs.

Telna's three-step approach. A complete and customized solution for CSPs.
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eSIM powering IoT and roaming devices with global data.

The only prepaid global billing platform for Connectivity Service Providers.

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What is Telna?

Telna is a leading provider of managed global network infrastructure for cellular connectivity.

Telna enables Mobile Networks, CSPs and OEMs with effective and secure connectivity anywhere in the world. We help our partners find new revenue streams, go to market faster, and offer new value-added services with customized solutions.

What are Telna's main connectivity solutions?
  • Multi-network connectivity in 200+ countries and territories
  • Cloud management platform and API orchestration
  • Support for 2G / 3G / LTE-M and 5G compatible core infrastructure
  • IoT cellular connectivity for system integrators
  • IoT localization for Mobile Network Operators
  • eSIM for IoT/M2M 
  • eSIM for consumers
  • Whitelabel solutions
What is Telna's connectivity coverage?
  • Our global mobile network covers 200+ countries and territories with 800+ network agreements. Our connectivity supports voice, SMS and data with 2G / 3G / 4G LTE  and the largest LTE-M coverage around the world. We have local IMSI profiles in Brazil, China, USA, and six geo-located points of presence (PoP).
Why should I use Telna as my connectivity partner?

We have our own network infrastructure and direct access agreements with all top-tier networks around the world to provide end-to-end, multi-carrier global connectivity solutions.

With our own core virtualized network, a proprietary Multi-IMSI connectivity Hub, geo-located points of presence, cloud infrastructure, and eSIM solutions, We enable scalable connectivity to our customers with unmatched coverage, reliability and performance. 

Ho do I get more information about your solutions?

Contact our sales team at 

Our customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have at

Global Connectivity

What is global connectivity? Global connectivity refers to a seamless internet connection which connects devices, sensors and humans despite their location. The key benefit of global connectivity is that it enables businesses to expand their offerings across the globe. They can track their devices worldwide and gather real-time information.
What is cellular IoT? Cellular IoT is a way of connecting devices to the internet by using the same mobile networks as smartphones. It utilizes 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks for IoT applications. Cellular IoT SIM Cards and eSIMs are designed differently to meet the needs of IoT/M2M deployments.
Why is cellular IoT effective over other IoT solutions?

There are many advantages of cellular IoT, including:

  • Cellular IoT can provide large coverage of areas as it utilizes existing mobile networks
  • Roaming functionality helps businesses to expand their offering without any additional set-up or device cost
  • Businesses can manage their network remotely and control their applications without any physical presence
  • Cellular IoT can offer secured and private connectivity by providing VPN, APN to protect devices, networks and data
What should I consider before choosing a connectivity partner? A true connectivity partner should provide end-to-end solutions for businesses. They should be able to offer flexibility to adapt your existing network infrastructure and scalability to enhance your business in the future with customized solutions.
Why is roaming essential for IoT applications? IoT and M2M businesses require the ability to offer services on a global scale. Thus, the absence of permanent connectivity is a barrier. Roaming can help businesses to overcome this limitation. We provide permanent roaming, affiliate roaming, and local profiles to support global deployments. Our connectivity solutions also enable localization, allowing legitimate traffic to comply with all regulations.  

Getting started with Telna


Which connectivity solution is most beneficial for my business?

We provide customized solutions for all enterprises and work closely with system integrators, MVNOs, MVNEs, OEMs, wholesalers, and industries including broadcasting, maritime, transportation, healthcare and more to support their connectivity needs. Our virtualized infrastructure and software-defined network allow us to provide end-to-end connectivity for business of all sizes across the globe.

Do you have IoT SIM Cards? We offer IoT SIM cards that provide global, high-speed, multi-carrier 5G, 4G LTE, 3G/2G data coverage for any IoT/M2M application. It comes with an over-the-air (OTA) wireless technology where businesses can manage end-to-end SIM activities without being connected physically with the SIM card. It helps businesses keep the IoT deployment easy and scale with new enhanced features. The multi-IMSI technology offers one network for the entire world, thus eliminating the hassles and costs associated with swapping SIMs and managing accounts with multiple network carriers. You can request an IoT SIM trial pack and experience our connectivity first hand.
How do I get Telna SIM Cards?

To get started with your IoT devices, please order them from us. Let us know more about your business, and we can offer you a trial pack, including complimentary SIM cards and data usage for first-hand experience. We offer customized solutions that can suit your business needs. Contact our sales team at to get started.

How do I use Telna SIM Card?

SIMs can be activated through our connectivity platform or via API. Please get in touch with our sales team at and tell us more about your connected devices with location details and they will be able to guide you through this.

How does billing work with Telna?

Our consumption-based rates and universal billing system helps businesses to optimize ROI on all IoT projects. Our partners will receive one invoice for their global multi-network usage.


What is Cronus? Cronus is a cellular connectivity platform that enables global end-to-end connectivity solutions for IoT/M2M, MVNOs and eSIM platforms. It provides a network as a service (NaaS) by combining extensive APIs with our broad connectivity portfolio and is designed for self-management through a modern web interface. 
How do I get a Cronus demo? Our team is ready to assist you. Get in touch with us at and learn more about how Cronus can help your business. 
What are the key features of Cronus?

Cronus is a self-management portal that provides API front-end connectivity management. It offers complete SIM management, allowing businesses to oversee and control their networks and devices in real-time.

What are the benefits of Cronus?
  • Cronus is a cloud-based connectivity platform that allows customers to control their network access in real-time and monitor deployed SIM cards in an API-compatible web portal.
  • Cronus modularity allows businesses to integrate their networks at any stage and add new functionalities when required. 
  • Cronus provides reliable and secure multi-carrier coverage with unthrottled bandwidth regardless of device location. 
  • Customers can build and manage their private networks and resell them to their consumers.
How does the Cronus billing system work? Cronus offers a flexible business model with a unified billing structure that simplifies the process of global deployments by providing one contact for all network agreements. This reduces implementation costs and optimizes ROI for all connected network devices. We offer IoT-specific agreements with low billing increments (as low as 1 KB on some networks) and support M2M/consumer eSIM access as a managed offering.



What is an eSIM?

With eSIM, customers can securely connect their devices to local networks worldwide without the use of a physical SIM card. The eSIMs are programmable over the air, which allows customers to support current demands by seamlessly transitioning between various network subscriptions in real-time.

What are the benefits of eSIM in IoT applications? eSIM is a revolutionary technology that secures local data across the globe. It also manages the mobile operators for devices in low-connectivity areas. With eSIM, you can swap network operators remotely (over-the-air) for reliable connectivity in IoT applications.
What is a consumer eSIM?

Customers with eSIM-compatible phones can experience the freedom to access multiple cellular networks without SIM cards. It provides instant connectivity both locally and globally. The eSIM profile is delivered to the device over-the-air (OTA) by scanning QR Codes. They can store multiple eSIMs as per their requirement.

How do I use Telna SIM Card?

Our connectivity solutions are customizable, and customers can resell them under their brand name. With white-labelling, customers can reduce the time to market and save big on their initial set-up cost.

How do I get more information about eSIM services?

To get started with your eSIM business, please get in touch with us at Tell us more about your business, and we will offer you the most suitable solution.