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Cellular connectivity is empowering enterprise, industrial, and consumer sectors to explore newer markets and business avenues. 

We want to enable our customers to focus on core competencies while we support their IoT. We love the work that we do, and our clients reap the benefits.


Leadership Team

Telna - Gregory Gundelfinger

Gregory Gundelfinger


A lawyer by profession and serial entrepreneur from South Africa, Gregory is the CEO of Telna. Having started and sold several successful companies, he relocated to North America to pursue a business in telecom technology. Gregory identified that eSIM, converged communication and software-defined networks are the future of cellular IoT and led the acquisition of Telna in 2015. Gregory is now a sought after thought leader and speaker at annual summits and conferences around the world.

Telna - Michael A. Neuman

Michael A. Neuman

Executive Chairman

Michael’s successful career in C-Level executive leadership roles has spanned both start-up and Fortune 500 companies. Neuman has started and led North American and European subscription companies through significant change including turn arounds, rapid growth, exits and mergers in both B2B and B2C sectors. Neuman led Canada’s largest MNO through unprecedented growth and profitability, started the country’s only successful MVNO, and founded Canada’s largest Satellite TV company.


Gal Olshinka


Gal serves as Chief Technology Officer of Telna. With B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and previous roles such as SVP of Business Solutions at Telit, he brings more than 20 years of experience in wireless infrastructure, systems design, IoT solutions, and product management to the company. Gal provides a unique and profound perspective regarding the ever changing telecommunication and IoT ecosystems.


Management Team

Telna - Roch-Alexandre Nominé

Roch-Alexandre Nominé


Roch is Telna's Principal Telecommunications Architect and holds an MSC degree from the Telecom Bretagne Institute. His primary focus is on increasing scalability and reducing end-to-end latency for IoT applications through edge computing, and he and his team is in charge of Telna’s network infrastructure and Connectivity Hub. Prior to Telna, Roch served as CTO for Geolink and for Siminn/On-Waves and implemented the first mobile networks on board cruise vessels.

Telna - Ayush Mathur

Ayush Mathur


Ayush is the director of corporate strategy and business development at Telna. He has extensive experience in leading, managing and growing finance and sales functions in high-growth entrepreneurial businesses. Ayush has worked in M&A, risk management, and corporate finance for top-tier financial institutions in Toronto. His strengths lie in developing vision, building growth strategy and leading partnerships to scale the business in the right direction.

Telna - Zulma Garcia

Zulma Garcia

Head of Marketing

Zulma is Head of Marketing at Telna, focusing on digital and traditional marketing strategies for MNO, IoT/M2M and OEMs, to grow in markets worldwide with a full suite of connectivity services. She has dedicated her entire career to the telecommunications industry with Telefonica, BellSouth, Nokia and TCL-Alcatel. Zulma holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from National University of Colombia, Marketing Master’s from Eafit Univ., and Marketing Advanced from the University of Toronto.

Telna - Anthony Calce

Anthony Calce

VP Engineering

Anthony is the VP of engineering at Telna, leading design and engineering activities. He is responsible for full end-to-end hardware design and developing customized software solutions based on Telna’s customer needs. Anthony holds a BaSc Computer Engineering degree and he has been associated with Telna from their inception days. His proficiency in design languages combined with his strong understanding of system infrastructure makes the processes seamless and efficient.

Telna - Kamel Allani

Kamel Allani

Director Roaming and Business development

Kamel is the director of roaming and business development at Telna. He manages international roaming solutions that provide cost-effective services to resellers, MVNOs and other MNOs. An electrical engineer from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Kamel brings more than 20 years of global experience in operator and telecom vendor positions, mainly focusing on international roaming.

Telna - Ravi Clarke

Ravi Clarke

Manager of Technical Operations

Ravi is an experienced Technical Operations Manager with more than two decades of experience working in the telecommunications industry. He oversees a team of Customer Success agents to build and manage strong positive relationships with clients at various levels. He works closely with development, business, and marketing teams to ensure seamless daily operations and resolve issues in a timely manner. He has successfully implemented effective customer service policies and procedures that align with Telna’s vision.

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