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Telna's three-step approach. To grow new revenue streams for MNOs.

Telna's three-step approach. A complete and customized solution for CSPs.
Let's build something together.
By working with Telna you can reach your connectivity goals in no-time. 

eSIM powering IoT and roaming devices with global data.

The only prepaid global billing platform for Connectivity Service Providers.

Global Network, One Single Agreement.
Reach the market faster with one global operator.

Leverage the full potential of Telna's API, explore functionalities.

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Telna's Solutions: Industry Success & Diverse Applications.

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Making the world a more connected place since 2002.

The Telna team is a diverse, united, and friendly group of professionals closely attuned to industry trends and changes.

Work anywhere. A global company to match a global network!

Telna’s three-step approach for CSPs

Integrate. Connect. Manage.

1. Integrate: Tailoring Solutions to
Your Needs Globally

At Telna, we recognize that each CSP has unique needs and existing infrastructure. Our integration approach focuses on aligning with those specific requirements:


Frame 8 (8) Custom Solutions

Telna’s experts work closely with you to develop a tailored integration plan, ensuring a seamless fit within your current systems. Whether it's cellular data connectivity or IoT platforms, our custom solutions are designed to enhance your existing capabilities.

Frame 8 (8) Tailored Packages

We provide bespoke connectivity packages that align with your particular needs and budget. From data volumes to geographic coverage and security considerations, our packages are designed especially for you.

Frame 8 (8) Easy Integration

Our comprehensive API and Management Platform is tailored for Connectivity, POPs, and eSIM delivery. Coupled with Radius (AAA) and tools such as VPN, Direct Connects, and Carrier-based integrations, integrating into your existing environment is efficient, accelerating time-to-market and directing data traffic towards CSP infrastructure.

2. Connect to Our
Multi-IMSI Network

Connect your network to our network. We've streamlined this process through innovation with extensive partnerships including Console Connect and Equinix Fabric:


Frame 8 (8) Flexible Commercials

We offer tailor-made connectivity packages designed to align with your specific needs and budget, ranging from pre-configured data packages to per MB per network geographic coverage options.

Frame 8 (8) Global Reach

With access to over 800 networks across 180+ countries and territories, our Multi-IMSI network ensures that you can provide consistent and high-quality connectivity wherever your customers are.

Frame 8 (8) Multi-IMSI Technology

Connect to our network, powered by Multi-IMSI technology.  By switching between IMSIs, our intelligent system ensures uninterrupted service.

Frame 8 (8) Effortless Provisioning

Our over-the-air (OTA) provisioning enables dynamic management of subscriptions. Activate, deactivate, or swap profiles on-the-fly without any physical intervention.

3. Manage and Monitor
Your Customers and Devices

The Telna Management Platform puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to manage and monitor your data usage efficiently:


Real-Time Monitoring

Get real-time insights into device status, data usage, and network performance. Set alerts, track trends, and make informed decisions.


Whether you are managing a few devices or scaling up to millions, our platform provides the tools you need to manage them effortlessly.

Automation & Control Define custom workflows, triggers, and automation rules that align with your operational needs. From onboarding new devices to troubleshooting, our platform streamlines these processes.
Security and Compliance

With robust security protocols, our platform ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your data, adhering to global compliance standards.

Frame 470

Telna's streamlined three-step approach

Integrate, Connect, Manage – harnesses the cloud's potential for CSPs, significantly accelerating your time to market.