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Telna is a leading global cellular connectivity company that enables IoT and M2M deployments anywhere in the world. We help our partners find new revenue streams, go to market faster, and offer new value-added services with customized IoT solutions. 


Who We Are

Bringing people, ideas, and information together through innovative solutions is a vision that we have brought to life. Over the past 15 years Telna has remained focused on developing world-class IoT solutions that empower businesses to transform and thrive in the connected economy.

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Telna provides a leading cellular connectivity platform. Our IMSI Hub enables Mobile Network Operators to exchange profiles for commercial and regulatory compliance. Telna provides a solution for long-term sustainable M2M and IoT connectivity to its Hub members and allows them to localize their profiles without making any changes to their core network infrastructure. Telna’s Cronus platform enables instant access to virtualized IoT infrastructure with connectivity for Mobile Network Operators, IoT system integrators and OEMs that is provided as a managed service on an opex basis.



At Telna, we understand that secure, reliable, and scalable connectivity is a business necessity. We believe that implementing IoT across all industries is a convenient and effective way to support companies as they reinvent their impact and success in the ever-evolving business world. Cellular connection empowers enterprise, industrial, and consumer sectors to explore newer markets and business avenues. Connectivity shapes the future, and we are proud to offer this as a service across the globe.

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Social Responsibility

At Telna, we all work towards making this world a better connected place. While achieving our goal we are committed to adoptting best practices into our daily decision making and business strategies to innovate sustainable solutions for our planet and other resources. With Telna’s virtualized infrastructure, our business partners can minimize their physical setup and reduce their environmental footprint.


The entire Telna team is supporting the green initiative by limiting the usage of supplies which directly impacts the environment. We are equipped with the necessary technologies, knowledge and practices that can lead to ecological sustainability and lifestyles.

Telna offers a diversified work culture. Our talent acquisition team always focuses on the representation of women, ethnicity and other minorities across our workforce.


Telna provides connectivity solutions for enterprises across major industries

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