Telna’s global connectivity solutions for transportation provide efficient fleet management, route optimization, and drivers safety

Our multi-network connectivity solutions enable transportation service providers to keep their vehicles and trackers always connected to the most robust network available, with dynamic coverage control, regardless of the location. Manage your fleets anywhere, anytime, and gain valuable insights into driver behaviour, scheduling and effective routing.

Telna’s solutions, include global connectivity, cloud based management, detailed usage reports, and real-time tracking and tracing solutions for vehicles and shipments. We support third-party APIs for traffic reporting, average speed, and driver behaviour monitoring.

From transportation service providers, emergency services, vehicle fleets to automobile manufacturers, Telna’s end-to-end solutions assist to increase drivers and passenger safety, full and cost control, transforming fleet management into a more efficient automated business.

Solution Features

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

With Telna’s easy to manage connectivity platform, and our dedicated support, vehicle tracking companies can reduce costs and improve efficiency to enable growth of their business.

Fleet Management

Telna empowers intelligent, vehicle management connectivity solutions to optimize performance, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Asset Tracking

Telna multi-network coverage ensures reliability and always-on connections to monitor and manage high-value assets in real-time, regardless of the location.


Embedded connectivity in cars with flexible, wireless solutions to enhance the driving experience and create new revenue opportunities.

Drivers Behaviour Analysis

Analyze driver behavior through after-market monitoring systems.

Usage-Based Insurance

Telna enables customers to enter new business models as usage-based insurance by providing reliable connectivity, for vehicles information to be automatically transferred to the system.

Benefits Telna Offers

  • Multi-Network Global Connectivity in 200+ countries
  • Unlimited Device Management
  • Full API Integration
  • Real-Time Diagnostic
  • Unified Billing Architecture and Reporting
  • Flexible business model
  • Faster Network Integrations
  • Flexible Delivery Mechanisms
  • 24/7 Support
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