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Roaming Made Easy: How a Leading MNO Streamlined Global Roaming Services with a Single Agreement

MNO, Roaming
Roaming Made Easy: How a Leading MNO Streamlined Global Roaming Services with a Single Agreement

Simplifying Roaming for Mobile Network Operators

In today’s telecommunications ecosystem, roaming can pose a significant challenge to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) due to the complexity of managing roaming agreements and maintaining transparency with each roaming partner.

This was the case for our customer, one of Mexico’s leading telecommunications providers, who serves over 35% of the country’s population with voice, SMS, and data services. 

With over three decades of experience in the market, and significant brand recognition, this MNO was looking to expand its reach and offer new value-added services to customers. That’s where Telna stepped in.

Requirements for Reliable Sponsored Roaming:

Market Differentiator
Offer competitive rates for end-customers traveling abroad.
competitive global solution
Simplified Deployment
Provide global coverage without having to negotiate multiple local agreements.
new customized solutions

Expansion Opportunities
Easily resell the IMSI with a roaming footprint included.
service expansion

The Solution



To simplify the provision of global access to end-customers, Telna acted as a technology enabler for the MNO. This allowed the users to access Telna’s network of 29 roaming partners worldwide using a multi-IMSI-compatible SIM which switches networks automatically based on the user’s location.


Sponsored Roaming

Rather than create individual agreements with each local provider, the MNO only had to enter a relationship with Telna to get connectivity in 180+ countries and territories. Their customers’ devices could now access 2G/3G/5G/5G coverage and the world’s largest LTE-M footprint, ensuring coverage in urban and rural areas alike.


Connectivity Hub

In addition to multi-IMSI SIMs, the MNO also benefited from our Connectivity Hub, which allowed it to provide voice, SMS, and data to its customers at more attractive rates – and retain its position as one of Mexico’s top telecommunication provider.


Key Outcomes

made easy
reliable connectivity

Higher customer satisfaction
customer satisfaction
revenue growth

Why Telna?

Unlock business growth through new partnerships and revenue streams.

Offer services through a single, direct roaming agreement with Telna.
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