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Enhancing Digital Transformation in Retail: How Telna Ensured Global Connectivity for Leading Point of Sale Provider

Connectivity, IoT
Enhancing Digital Transformation in Retail: How Telna Ensured Global Connectivity for Leading Point of Sale Provider

As Retail Goes Digital, Connectivity is a Must

Point of sale (POS) systems have been at the heart of retail for years, facilitating transactions, inventory management, and sales tracking.

However, as retailers expand beyond traditional brick-and-mortar locations, so do their connectivity requirements. To guarantee seamless operations for both customer and business, POS systems need global connectivity, 24/7, without depending on a WIFI connection.

Our client, a POS provider, needed to provide reliable cellular connectivity to users of its platform, allowing them to track sales, inventory, and loyalty programs using advanced retail software. 

With Telna’s eSIM, they found the perfect solution.

Requirements for a Seamless POS Experience:

Uninterrupted Connectivity
Reliable connection based on price, coverage, and network quality, regardless of location.
reliable connectivity
The ability to handle immense amounts of sensitive customer information.
data security

Support for Digitalization
A system that can accommodate the rapid digitalization of retail sales.

The Solution


Instant Global Connectivity

With Telna’s eSIM, our customer can offer a reliable mobile network that keeps businesses connected far beyond the reach of a standard Wi-Fi connection. Telna’s global infrastructure brings together 2G/3G/4G/5G networks and offers the world’s largest LTE-M footprint, ensuring a broad range of coverage for a variety of devices (terminals, mobile phones, tablets).


delivery app


Secure Data Management

Data security was a top priority for our customer. Our eSIM guaranteed end-to-end data protection by verifying payment information at the terminal and sending it to the client’s back-end systems. Additionally, we provide access to TAP files from the visited network, hosted over SFTP, enhancing remote system management and ensuring complete security.


Flexible Service

To support digital transformation in retail sales and allow end-customers to expand globally, we offered our customer reliable cellular service at a flexible rate, without requiring any excessive roaming fees. eSIM provides the perfect solution for handling transactions, collecting customer data, and managing inventory, all while keeping costs manageable.


Key Outcomes

Reliable global connectivity
global connectivity

Cost-effective flexibility
Enhanced data security
secure 01

Why Telna?

We provide seamless, reliable cellular data coverage in more than 180 countries, using a single, easy-to-access API.

Expand your reach and accelerate your global deployment simply, with our expert help.
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Take the headache out of eSIM management with our remotely programmable eSIMs.

Get real-time information and troubleshoot any issues with our centralized cloud management platform.
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Keep customer data safe with our network firewalls, ensuring secure routing of data traffic.

Protect your business as you grow.
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