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How an IoT Service Provider Monetized Data Access and Expanded its Offer with Telna

Connectivity, IoT
How an IoT Service Provider Monetized Data Access and Expanded its Offer with Telna

Capitalizing on Demand for LPWA Applications

The push for rapid digital transformation often encounters roadblocks due to supply chain inefficiencies, leading to delays, high costs, and operational challenges. 

To address these issues and improve overall business performance, companies are increasingly turning to low-power wide-area (LPWA) applications. These applications are designed to support large-scale IoT deployments with minimal power consumption, making them ideal for various use cases such as GPS tracking, data logging, and electronic monitoring. 

Our customer provides enterprise clients with mid-range and low bandwidth devices serving various industries across the United States. 

Our customer needed a new connectivity platform to handle its clients' expanding IoT deployments. That’s when Telna entered the picture.

Essential Requirements for IoT Solution Providers

Enhanced Security
As more telematics solutions are implemented, our customer needed to strengthen its security measures.
enhnaced secutiry
Service Expansion
Our customer wanted to expand its service area to support new mid/low bandwidth IoT deployments and routers.
service expansion

Flexible Integration
They needed a connectivity platform that could seamlessly integrate with their existing online charging system via Radius.
flexible integration

The Solution


Developing Business Opportunities

Telna’s Connectivity Hub enabled our customer to monetize data access with easy integration and the capacity to scale globally. Featuring two geo-located points of presence (POP) in North America, our network was the ideal connectivity platform for our customer.





World’s Largest LTE-M Footprint

Our customer’s clients can now access the world’s largest LTE-M footprint to power their IoT LPWA devices and routers. This has resulted in faster time to market, improved performance, and highly efficient cellular usage.

Secure File Transferring

To ensure data security during transfers from IoT devices to routers and management systems, we provided our customer with TAP files from the visited network, hosted on an SFTP server. This solution guarantees secure data handling throughout the entire process.


Virtual Connections

Telna’s software-defined cloud infrastructure enables IoT devices to establish secure virtual connections. We provide authorization tokens to ensure protected data transfer, preventing unauthorized access to the closed environment.


Key Outcomes

Secure Deployments
secure deployment

Global Footprint
new footprint
Easy Integration
new easy integration

Why Telna?

We create customized solutions to enhance your capabilities. Time to market is accelerated through quick and efficient system integration.
 Our comprehensive API and Management Platform is tailored for Connectivity, PoPs, and eSIM delivery.
icons-integrate - 04
Access over 800 networks across 180+ countries and territories with our multi-IMSI network.
Provide your customers with consistent and high-quality connectivity wherever they are.
connect - 06
Launch & Manage
Manage and monitor your customers and devices with real-time insights into usage and performance.
From one user-friendly and secure platform you can streamline your processes and make strategic decisions based on advanced analytics.
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