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How a Leading IoT Platform Transformed Their Electric Charging Station Connectivity Offer With Telna

Connectivity, CSP
How a Leading IoT Platform Transformed Their Electric Charging Station Connectivity Offer With Telna

Electric Vehicles Are on the Rise, Creating Opportunities for IoT Platforms

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption rates are showing no sign of slowing down. By 2030, EVs are anticipated to account for around 30% of all new car sales globally.

As access to fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles becomes more mainstream, charging stations need access to global machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity. Unfortunately, this task is often complex and requires negotiation with individual mobile networks while also navigating country-specific regulations.

Our client, an IoT platform, is keen to capitalize on this growing market by providing connectivity to electric charging station manufacturers. They needed a partner to help these manufacturers access seamless global connectivity, without the complexity.

Essential Requirements of EV Charging Station Manufacturers

Simple and Secure Connectivity
Stations need to connect seamlessly to the network to ensure uninterrupted service, all while protecting sensitive customer data.
secure 01

Reliable Mobile
Drivers need a user-friendly app to quickly and easily locate functional charging stations and make transactions.
mobil app 03
From communicating charger availability to detecting issues, instant and accurate information is crucial for delivering superior customer service.
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The Solution


Scaling Globally Made Easy

We provided our client with reliable, secure cellular connectivity.

This was achieved through a multi-IMSI SIM giving stations access to multiple networks and simplifying connections to mobile apps and charging management backend systems. This solution ensures chargers remain online and accessible, significantly enhancing the overall user experience. 

Additionally, it enables our client, and their customers, to easily expand globally, without having to negotiate network agreements.


Consumer IoT V2


Multi-Layered Security Payments

Convenient, secure billing is a top priority for EV drivers. We ensure security with multiple layers of protection from third-party access. SIM use at the charging station is restricted by an IMEI lock to prevent malicious devices from connecting.

Our fully managed cloud network gives CSPs like our customer the confidence to handle sensitive information through a mobile app and charging network backend. Traffic from the charging stations to the provider’s network is contained in a private environment, ensuring it cannot be accessed via the public internet.

Key Outcomes

Uninterrupted global connectivity
reliable connectivity

Access to real-time insights
icons-data - 02
Convenient and secure billing
easy secure billing

Why Telna?

We create customized solutions to enhance your capabilities. Time to market is accelerated through quick and efficient system integration.
 Our comprehensive API and Management Platform is tailored for Connectivity, PoPs, and eSIM delivery.
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Access over 800 networks across 180+ countries and territories with our multi-IMSI network.
Provide your customers with consistent and high-quality connectivity wherever they are.
connect - 06
Manage and monitor your customers and devices with real-time insights into usage and performance.
From one user-friendly and secure platform, you can streamline your processes and make strategic decisions based on advanced analytics.
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