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- Case Study -

Enabling IoT and M2M Solutions  with Soracom


Soracom is a recognized IoT cellular connectivity provider. They closely work with businesses in smart IoT agriculture, energy, consumer, manufacturing, transportation, and medical industries.



Telna - Soracom Logo

Business Challenge

Soracom aimed to expand their IoT capabilities across the globe. In order to offer smooth IoT and M2M deployments, they required multi-carrier network support with an easy management tool that would help them monitor and control the data usage per device.

Telna Solutions

Telna has been a trusted connectivity partner for several IoT enablers. Telna provided the Soracom team with complete access to its network agreements and infrastructure. This enabled them to offer IoT and M2M connectivity worldwide.

Telna’s Multi-IMSI Connectivity Hub has direct access to 800+ local cellular networks across 200+ countries and territories. Combined with Telna’s proprietary software-defined-network technology it offers the highest quality of coverage, unmatched redundancy, and reliability.





With Telna’s Solution Soracom receives real-time metrics on the location and profile of each SIM to monitor the data usage in real-time and control location updates.

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