IoT / M2M

Telna IoT Platform provides reliable global connectivity, cloud management and remote provisioning for your business needs

We are helping major industries build a smarter world for consumers.

Telna enables connectivity and management for IoT devices. Our eSIM cloud-based technology makes IoT deployment process simple and efficient, delivering maximum value with customized solutions.

Telna makes IoT easy

Multi-network global connectivity in 200+ countries

One Global Partner, One SIM, One Invoice, for the entire world

Cloud Management Platform, Flexible API

Consumption-based flexible rates

Benefits Telna IoT Platform Offers


Multi-carrier Global Connectivity Solutions with unthrottled bandwidth, supported by Telna’s direct access to 800+ networks in 200+ countries. We ensure reliable 4G LTE and 3G data connections for your IoT equipment and devices — regardless the location.

Easy to Manage

Telna eliminates the hassle of working with multiple operators by providing a universal billing system with one management portal, one sim, one invoice, one global partner.

24/7 Support

We take pride in our exceptional customer support. Our highly-trained support agents are always available to provide quick, effective, and friendly assistance.

Cloud Based Device Management

Our cloud-based and easy-to-use management portal allows you to manage, monitor and monetize all devices. Information can be viewed related to location, connection status, and real-time data usage. Customized packages and alerts can also be created for your IoT devices.

API-based Solution

Telna's end-to-end solution connects devices to your primary networks, while ensuring backup connectivity to secondary networks, and the flexibility to switch when necessary. We provide a scalable Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, full flexible API Integration, and over-the-air remote SIM provisioning to leverage local network profiles for improved performance.

Flexible business model

Telna cloud platform for IOT and M2M can be fully deployed in short time, with no capex cost. We offer flexible pricing structures, one simple invoice for all connected devices. There are no activation fees and all data consumption is usage based. This helps you to reduce implementation costs and optimize ROI for all your IoT projects.

Customized Solutions

We offer customized solutions for your IoT needs including connectivity, provisioning, monitoring and remote diagnosis. White-label solutions are also available and accompanied by a management app to support unique delivery mechanisms such as iUICC, eSIM, and SIM Sticker.

Delivery Mechanisms

Our solution supports all SIM industry form factors including eUICC, iUICC, eSIM solutions & eSIM profiles, programmable eSIMs, Telna IOT SIM Cards.

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