IoT Connect

High-bandwidth, global connectivity eSIM router for your enterprise needs

The only enterprise-grade, multi-modem, multi-IMSI eSIM router that comes out-of-box with global 4G LTE connectivity.

Key Benefits

Telna - Global Sim - Fully Reliable

Fully Reliable

  • Regardless of location, you can connect to a network that services that area
  • Multi-carrier support for diverse redundancy
Telna - Global Sim - Easy To Manage - 1

Easy to Manage

  • Cloud-based management tools
  • SIM-free devices managed remotely
Telna - Cost Saving - Thumbnail


  • By pooling bandwidth, you can enjoy optimum data rates
  • Consumption-based rates—only pay for what you use


  • Flexible modular configuration—up to 4 multi-band modems
  • Load-balanced and bonding-capable
  • Global band coverage
  • Compatible with the latest generation offerings (Cat 4, Cat 6, Cat 11, Cat 12, Cat M1, etc.)
  • Customized connectivity solutions are available
  • Complete cloud-based OTA management and control
  • Location tracking—GPS optional