Health Care

Reliable connectivity solutions for real-time monitoring and management of medical devices

Telna ensures secure and reliable connections for health care solution providers to manage their devices and improve both patients and customers' experience.

Hospitals, healthcare device manufacturers and practitioners are using IoT to remotely connect patients to healthcare services. Telna connectivity solutions enable them to improve patient monitoring, reduce hospital visits and healthcare costs

Our platform delivers fast, easy deployment, secure connectivity, full device management capability, and service quality assurance.

Solution Features

Device Management

Manage remote and on-premise network connections for healthcare devices. Integrate apps and devices with healthcare systems.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor patient data, create reports/alerts, and use predictive analytics to make a real difference in services and treatments.

Asset Management

Track location of hospital equipments in real-time.

Remote Equipment configuration

Regulate wearables and patient monitoring devices remotely.

Benefits Telna Offers

  • Multi-Network Global Connectivity in 200+ countries
  • All SIM Form Factors
  • Unlimited Device Management
  • Full API Integration
  • Real-Time Diagnostic
  • Unified Billing Architecture and Reporting
  • Flexible Business Model
  • 24/7 Support
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