Consumer Electronics

Connect, secure, manage and scale consumer devices with reliable, multi-network, mobile connectivity across the globe

IoT enables flexible connectivity and data exchange for consumers and presents an emerging business opportunity for manufacturers. Telna offers a range of services and business applications to optimize consumer support and power new, value-added services for consumers and enterprises.

By adding cloud connectivity to electronics, analyzing data, monitoring usage and consumer behavior, consumer electronic companies can tap into the evolving market by providing new value to consumers. Using our IoT solutions, service providers can push its business boundaries to create a customized and connected experience for the consumer.

Telna helps industry players deliver home automation and personal consumer solutions quickly and efficiently. We provide reliable, cost-effective and global connectivity to power smartphones, wearables, security systems, surveillance cameras, thermostats, lighting, and more devices to the cloud. Businesses can receive data analytics in real-time from their consumers' insights, provide value-added services, and unlock new revenue streams.

From fitness trackers to health monitors and access to social network, all consumers can benefit from Telna’s innovative connectivity solutions.

Enabling people and objects to stay connected

Telna’s eSIM technology and IoT global connectivity provide scalable opportunities to connect trackers, wearables, healthcare technology, and more.

Wearable Devices

Telna offers device connectivity to every customer, anywhere in the world. Customers can stay in touch while going for a run, streaming music, making a call, or submitting payments remotely without their smartphone. We embed connectivity into every device to enable new billable services.


Keep everything important to you in sight. Telna powers tracking devices with seamless connectivity to give you the comfort of always staying in touch. Our coverage includes access to networks worldwide to maintain a strong and reliable connection.

Smartphones / Global Roaming

Several mobile devices manufacturers around the world have partnered with Telna to provide customers with the ability to purchase connectivity directly on their devices. Telna’s eSIM technology and the RoamNow companion app are currently used in selected Alcatel and ZTE devices. Xiaomi, Meizu, Samsung, and CAIH are also offering roaming solutions powered by our innovative solutions to their customers.

Telna - KnowRoaming - Logo

KnowRoaming uses the Telna network to access over 200 direct agreements with carriers worldwide. The extremely competitive rates and reliable network gives KnowRoaming the ability to sell roaming services through different platforms.

Telna - Consumer Electronics - KnowRoaming - Global SIM Card

Global SIM Card

The only travel SIM you’ll ever need. This Global SIM uses Telna’s network to connect in 200+ countries at affordable rates.

Telna - Knowroaming - Global Sim Sticker

Global SIM Sticker

No more SIM swapping! Apply once to your home SIM card and automatically connect to the Telna network to access voice and data when you travel abroad.

Global Hotspot

Connect up to 15 devices and enjoy fast data around the world in 140 countries.

Telna - Knowroaming - Global Hotspot

Companion App

Prepay and manage your usage in real-time in the KnowRoaming app - no bill shock!

Telna - Knowroaming - Crewreach - APP

Benefits Telna offers

Connect anywhere

With Telna’s 800+ network agreements, Telna ensures multi-carrier coverage and secure 4G LTE/3G connectivity in 200+ countries.


Telna’s cloud-based management portal enables customers to view detailed network information regarding location, connection status, and real-time data usage of all the devices for full transparency.

Cost savings

Telna eliminates the hassle associated with swapping SIMs and managing accounts with multiple network carriers. We provide one simple invoice for all connected devices. With no activation fees included, we offer low rates and only charge for the data used.


Real-time monitoring systems with alerts, deep reporting, and analytics.

Control over data

Telna’s solutions can be easily installed and managed remotely through a cloud-based management portal for full transparency and control.

24/7 Support

We take pride in our exceptional customer support. Our highly-trained support agents are always available to provide quick, effective, and friendly help.

Telna Also Offers

  • Global  overage
  • Dynamic coverage control
  • Faster network integrations
  • Over-the-ir SIM provisioning
  • All SIM form factors
  • Unlimited device management
  • Full API integration
  • Real-Time diagnostic
  • Unified billing architecture and reporting
  • White-label solutions

Use Cases

Telna solutions enable connectivity for your devices anywhere in the world.
Take a look at some of our use-cases below:

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