Enabling broadcasters to produce and deliver content from anywhere in the world—without limits

Telna provides customized solutions to equip camera crews, broadcasters, and reporters with reliable, and redundant high-speed mobile connectivity across the globe.

Telna’s virtualized infrastructure allows for Geo located Point of Presence (POP) to lower latency, better data speeds and improved quality of service.

Telna partners with the world’s largest leading broadcasters to deliver news and live events globally.

Broadcasting Solutions

Journalists Connectivity

Enjoy global multi-network mobile data connectivity without changing SIM's.

Upload Content

Upload time-sensitive content with superior connectivity no matter the location.

Transfer High Volumes

Stream high volumes of data 24/7 worldwide and efficiently transfer to your asset manager.

Benefits Telna Offers


Multi-carrier coverage in 200+ countries with unthrottled reliable high-bandwidth so no matter where content creators are located, they can get secure, reliable 4G LTE data connections.


Universal billing system to eliminate the hassles and costs associated with swapping SIMs and managing accounts with multiple network carriers.


Real-time monitoring system enable broadcasters to view detailed network information relating to the location, connection status, and data usage of all the devices.


Flexible pricing structures and control over the data used on each broadcaster to reduce costs. No activation fees and all data consumption is usage based.


Robust connectivity to multiple mobile network carriers per country ensures reliable coverage. Team members in the field can securely and efficiently access newsroom and content management systems.


We take pride in our exceptional customer support. Our highly-trained support agents are always available to provide quick, effective, and friendly help.

Telna also offers….

  • Global Coverage
  • Dynamic Coverage Control
  • Over the Air SIM Provisioning
  • All SIM Form Factors
  • Unlimited Device Management
  • Full API Integration
  • Real-Time Diagnostic
  • White-Label Solutions

eSIM Solutions

Telna’s eSIM solutions allow broadcasters to connect to multiple networks around the world with no physical SIM card required. By scanning a QR code they receive the SIM profile over the air (OTA).

Global SIM Card

This universal SIM Card provides Global, high-speed, multi-carrier 4G LTE and 3G data coverage to keep broadcasters and camera crew members connected in the field.

Use Cases

Telna solutions enable connectivity for your devices anywhere in the world.
Take a look at some of our use-cases below:

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