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Telna Oct 13, 2020 9:00:00 AM 2 min read

The Inflection point for cellular IoT - a webinar hosted by Telna

The inflection point for cellular IoT

Toronto, ON. October 14, 2020 -- Telna, a global connectivity platform provider, along with Kaleido Intelligence, a specialist research firm, will be hosting a live webinar covering the state of cellular IoT today and the inflection point of tomorrow. This session will take place on October 14th at 10 AM EST with speakers from Telna, T-Mobile, Kaleido Intelligence, BICS, SAP and KORE Wireless. Join them as they present and analyze findings from the newest whitepaper and provide insight into the future of cellular IoT adoption.

“I am highly anticipating this opportunity to join forces with great minds to discuss a rapidly approaching point in the cellular IoT industry.” says Gregory Gundelfinger, CEO of Telna.

Adoption of the technology is dependent upon IoT’s current state, regulations, industry challenges and opportunities. This can be best predicted through an analysis of historical trends and the condition of the overall market. Understand the timeline for the inflection point of cellular IoT technology by registering to join the conversation, participate in a Q&A section, and receive the newest white paper by Telna and Kaleido Intelligence.

For more information, view Telna’s latest research article and register for the webinar at

About Kaleido Intelligence
Kaleido Intelligence is a specialist consulting and market research firm with a proven track record delivering telecom research at the highest level. Research is led by expert analysts with significant experience delivering roaming insights that matter.

About Telna
Telna provides a leading cellular connectivity platform. Our IMSI Hub enables Mobile Network Operators to exchange profiles for commercial and regulatory compliance. Telna provides a solution for long-term sustainable M2M and IoT connectivity to its Hub members and allows them to localize their profiles without making any changes to their core network infrastructure. Telna’s Cronus platform enables instant access to virtualized IoT infrastructure with connectivity for Mobile Network Operators, IoT system integrators and OEMs that is provided as a managed service on an opex basis.

Zulma Garcia
Head of Marketing

Jon King
Kaleido Intelligence



Telna provides Mobile Networks, CSPs and OEMs with a managed global network infrastructure for cellular connectivity. Telna has the largest LTE and LTE-M footprint in the world. Its multi-network platform enables simplified billing and localization, utilizing 6+ telco pops globally. Telna’s Cronus connectivity platform allows instant access to its virtualized cellular infrastructure via API or front-end portal.