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Telna Mar 24, 2020 3:26:00 PM 4 min read

Tips for working from home during COVID-19

Working from home is essential at this point in time, and with the ease of technology, companies are more than capable of offering this as an option. At Telna, we have enforced a fluid work from home policy as the safety of our employees is of our utmost concern. We are avid about maintaining effective communication, productivity, and a positive work environment, even if that environment is online!

Here are some ways you can choose to handle these new work conditions to make your remote work more effective.

Maintaining Productivity

When your schedule is thrown out the window and your kids are ever so present, maintaining your typical routine and productivity levels can become a challenge. The first step to adjusting to working from home is to acknowledge that some changes and additional efforts must be made. By creating a strict daily routine, designating a work space in your home, and maintaining digital contact with coworkers, you can effectively separate your work and home life to maximize your dedication to each. 


Efficient Communication

We love connecting via email and text, but when working from home, our policy is if you aren’t over communicating, you’re not communicating enough. By scheduling phone calls with coworkers to maintain both business and casual conversations, you can optimize your communicative efforts and minimize solitary. 

Our blog post about effective communication and productivity has great advice on how to ease your transition to telecommuting.


Personal Care

When isolation becomes lonely or functioning in restricted quarters becomes overwhelming, staying home all day, every day can become more of a task than a gift. Maintaining positive mental health is important to ensure that you remain productive and healthy. Be sure to schedule breaks and set boundaries with family members about times when your work requires your full attention. In addition, understand that transitions take time to get used to, and set reasonable daily goals for yourself to stay on track.

Find out more about staying kind to your mind and body while working from home.


Working Remotely with Children

Staying home with your children all day has many benefits like quality time together and avoiding hefty babysitting fees. However, balancing work and home life can prove to be challenging when they all take place in the same building. Maintaining structure through schedules and designated office areas can help both you and your children to differentiate between your many roles and responsibilities. It is also important to remember to take time for yourself and ask for help when you need it.

For more advice on how to effectively work from home with children, check out our blog here.


Managing a Team of Remote Employees

In order to maintain productivity throughout businesses, managers are tasked with ensuring that all employees are capable of producing their required work without coming to the office. Communication, innovation and precaution are the keys to ensuring that your business and employees stay healthy and efficient. 

Click here for more tips on how to ensure that your new experience as a manager of remote employees is a successful one.

As you adjust to your new work situations, remind yourself that adjustment takes time and everyone does so at their own pace. We trust that we will all be back in our regular offices soon, but for now, enjoy being with family and not having to commute! 

And remember, this too shall pass.


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