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TelnaFeb 8, 2024 2:12:44 PM1 min read

7th eSIM Summit : Telna CEO to Unveil Insights on eSIM's Rapid Growth

TELNA | 7th eSIM Summit: Insights on eSIM's Rapid Growth

TORONTO, Canada - February 8, 2024  – Telna, a leader in managed eSIM connectivity, proudly announces that its CEO, Gregory Gundelfinger, will speak at the 7th eSIM Summit in Prague on Friday, February 9th, 2024. This event is a cornerstone in the telecommunications sector, spotlighting the burgeoning field of eSIM technology.

Gregory Gundelfinger, renowned for his pioneering leadership in telecom, leads Telna in connecting tens of millions worldwide through their fully managed global eSIM connectivity platform. His presentation, "The Future is Now: eSIM's is creating exponential connectivity growth," will explore the rapid growth of eSIM in  IoT connectivity.

“eSIM technology is revolutionizing the connectivity sector with rapid growth and adoption. We are on the brink of a surge in IoT connected devices,” said Gundelfinger. ”"At Telna, we have been instrumental in this growth by working with Connectivity Service Providers (CSPs), and I am eager to share our insights on why IoT is on the verge of experiencing the accelerated growth the industry has long awaited. It's even bigger than we could have imagined, all thanks to CSPs who are driving innovation by collaborating with enterprises, OEMs, and embracing the cloud."

The 7th eSIM Summit is anticipated to be a hub for industry leaders and innovators, providing a platform for discussions on the future trajectory of eSIM technology.

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