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Telna Mar 8, 2020 3:34:00 PM 2 min read

Telna celebrates International Women's Day 2020

Telna’s Women in Power

At Telna, women have played an integral role in the success of the business. With many internal teams managed and run by women, the Telna office embraces equal opportunities for all genders and encourages the workplace to maintain a harmonious culture that is aware of the gender biases being experienced by women around the world. This year, Telna will strive to further challenge stereotypes, broaden perceptions, and celebrate the achievements of our outstanding staff members.


International Women’s Day 2020 – Each for Equal

Building a gender equal requires attention to all aspects of society. From media coverage and health to politics and boardrooms, all genders deserve equal representation and attention. Achieving equality is essential for the prosperity of communities, economies, businesses, and more importantly, individuals. This year’s International Women’s Day theme focuses on collective individualism and emphasizes that our individual mindset and behaviours have a great impact on our society as a whole. In order to create a truly inclusive, gender equal world, we must all choose to support the notion that we are all equal. The International Women’s Day organization works year round to achieve their mission of forging a gender equal world. They highlight and celebrate the achievements of powerful and ambitious women, while simultaneously bringing attention to inequality and a need for change.

For more information about this year’s #EachForEqual campaign, visit


Why Fight?

With limitations on female empowerment and equality prevalent around the world, our fight is far from over. However, women are making immense strides for equality. Here are just a few of the firsts that have been accomplished in the past decade:

  • First all-women space walk
  • First woman to pilot for the Indian navy
  • First female president of Harvard University
  • First female NBA coach
  • First female president of Ethiopia
  • First woman to be appointed prime minister of Belgium
  • First woman to win an Oscar for best director
  • First female NFL coach
  • First woman presidential nominee from a major party in the US
  • And many more!


This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the female trailblazers that paved the way towards equality for all, and anticipate the great strides that will be made across the world in 2020.

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