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Seamlessly Navigating the World: How Telna Helped Company T Redefine Global Travel

Consumer Roaming for a CSP


Staying connected wherever you are on the globe is no longer just a luxury – it’s a necessity. This case study delves into how Company T, a key player in the travel and telecommunications sector, leveraged the capabilities of Telna’s API-driven connectivity platform to overcome significant industry challenges.

As much as global connectivity matters for travelers, other factors such as price and flexibility also matter. eSIM was bringing profound flexibility to the market, and our client wanted to take advantage of a first-mover effect to deliver eSIM services to consumers who purchased newly eSIM enabled handsets.

Faced with the task of providing global eSIM access at competitive rates, and the need to go to market rapidly with eSIM, Company T embarked on a transformative journey with Telna to deliver reliable, global connectivity using cutting-edge technology and extensive network infrastructure.

The challenge

Company T faced a formidable challenge: revolutionize the connectivity experience for international travelers by providing seamless, global eSIM access at affordable rates. The core of this challenge was multifaceted.

First, the company needed a partner to navigate the complex web of global telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring worldwide coverage, reliable service, and fast data speeds.

The solution had to be compatible with their strategic vision and project features.

This required not only technical prowess but also strategic partnerships and negotiations with a multitude of network

providers worldwide, a task daunting in both scope and complexity. It was the key first step needed to ensure that Company T could deliver a service.

What’s more, as eSIM technology was steadily rolling out to devices, the company saw an opportunity to educate the market and gain market share – if they moved quickly.

It demanded a level of innovation that could integrate seamlessly with Company T's existing services, aligning with their mission to enhance the travel experience through cutting-edge technology.

" eSIM technology was steadily rolling out to devices, the company saw an opportunity to educate the market and gain market share – if they moved quickly."

The Solution

In response to its challenge, Company T turned to Telna‘s turnkey platform. It’s a solution that promises to address the need to integrate directly with the company’s systems – unlock cellular data coverage through an API. Telna’s Inclusive API was the way to get started with a suite of features designed to meet the diverse requirements of a global eSIM solution. This included:

  • Extensive global coverage: Through direct access agreements with top-tier networks in over 200 countries and territories.

  • Cloud management platform and API orchestration: These features enabled Company T to efficiently manage and scale their services with an API that plugs directly into existing infrastructure, offering a flexible and user-friendly interface for both the company and its end-users.
  • Support for multiple network technologies: With compatibility for 2G, 3G, LTE-M, and 5G networks, Telna’s platform ensured that travelers could access fast and reliable connectivity.

  • Consumer eSIM solutions: This allowed for digital distribution and activation of SIM profiles, simplifying the user experience by eliminating the need for physical SIM cards and enabling instant cellular data.

Given the flexibility of Telna to offer a fully white-label solution and to roll it out at a rapid pace, Company T was able to offer these services under its own brand, enhancing its market presence and customer loyalty – and enjoying a first-mover advantage.

Data, Voice, SMS-V2



"After achieving 1 million downloads, Company T quickly became a leading eSIM provider in the travel industry and has since expanded its prominence even further."

The Outcome

The deployment of Telna’s platform heralded a new era for Company T and its customers, marked by unprecedented growth and customer satisfaction. Company T rapidly ascended to become a leading eSIM provider in the travel industry, evidenced by over 1 million app downloads. This milestone not only showcased the demand for their offering but also solidified their position in the market.

The implementation of eSIM technology provided global travelers with a hassle-free connectivity solution. Customers enjoyed borderless communication without the need to swap SIM cards, alongside significant savings on roaming charges, thereby elevating the overall travel experience.

Telna’s API handled the intricate details of interfacing with existing systems and providing network infrastructure while Company T was able to focus on acquiring market share and making the most user-friendly solution out there.

Through this partnership with Telna Company T successfully overcame the challenge of rapidly rolling out providing affordable, reliable, and seamless global connectivity for people on the go.

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