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Console Connect and Telna partner to deliver Connectivity solutions for Secure Access Between Devices And Clouds For Global IoT Projects

IoT Connectivity


Telna and Console Connect have partnered to tackle global connectivity challenges for IoT devices and cloud applications. Leveraging Telna's advanced eSIM technology and multi-IMSI network service alongside Console Connect's infrastructure, this partnership enhances secure, real-time data transfer globally. This case study highlights the collaboration's impact on improving connectivity, reducing latency, and simplifying network management for IoT projects worldwide.

The challenge

Console Connect required extensive global cellular network coverage for its cloud application servers to support secure and efficient international data transfer. They needed a solution to bridge connectivity gaps while ensuring high-speed, reliable, and low-latency service.

The Solution

In response, Telna delivered a multi-IMSI network service that seamlessly integrated with Console Connect's infrastructure. By offering low-latency connectivity across a network of global Points of Presence, Telna significantly expanded cellular coverage and global reach. This breakthrough was achieved by leveraging advanced eSIM technology within a fully digital, cloud-based platform, thus overcoming traditional connectivity limitations.

Further enhancing the solution, Telna introduced a management portal and API that allows businesses to connect edge locations in real-time effortlessly.




 This removed the complexity associated with network configuration and management, simplifying the scaling of global IoT projects. With coverage in over 200 countries, EdgeSIM caters to multinational organizations requiring secure, high-volume data transfer between connected devices and the cloud, enhancing visibility, security, and control over global IoT assets. This solution benefits IoT applications involving asset management, logistics, and payments networks, where business-sensitive data is frequently transferred across regions.

"Telna enhanced global cellular coverage by providing low-latency connectivity through a network of global Points of Presence, utilizing advanced eSIM technology within a digital, cloud-based platform."

The Outcome

The partnership between Console Connect and Telna has led to remarkable improvements in global connectivity for IoT projects:

  • Reduced Latency: Deployments have reduced latency by up to 70%, thanks to Telna's intelligent local breakout capabilities. Reliability: The cloud-based infrastructure has achieved a 99.99% uptime, demonstrating exceptional reliability.
  • Simplified Management: The user-friendly design of the platform allows for seamless transitions between regions without the need for manual APN configuration, simplifying global connectivity management.
  • Enhanced Security: The solution has bolstered security for IoT and mobile devices requiring secure connections across borders, directly connecting devices to the world's largest cloud platforms and providing a simple, transparent pricing model.
"The partnership between Console Connect and Telna has enhanced global IoT connectivity, achieving up to 70% reduced latency, 99.99% uptime, simplified management, and bolstered security."
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