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Senior Vice President (SVP) of Connectivity Services

Remote, Ontario - Canada


As the Senior Vice President of Connectivity Services, you will drive new business development initiatives, and establish strategic partnerships that position us as a leader in the interconnected world.

The key responsibilities for the Senior Vice President of Connectivity Services focus on leading business development, forming strategic partnerships, driving revenue growth, positioning the company as a leader in IoT and roaming, and fostering a strong team and financial performance. This includes crafting targeted strategies, expanding the market, securing new clients and contracts, and collaborating across departments to ensure alignment with business goals. Additionally, the role emphasizes team leadership and managing financial targets to support the company's strategic objectives.

This is a unique opportunity that will give selected candidate(s) special access inside a full cellular telecommunications network covering voice, data and sms services for customers all over the globe. We're expanding our telecommunications and roaming departments, and are looking for highly qualified candidates. Work alongside a team of Core Telecommunication Engineers, Network Architects and Linux Administrators to continue the development of our worldwide cellular network.


Key Responsibilities

  • Business Development Leadership:
    Craft and execute a comprehensive business development strategy tailored to the unique demands of the IoT and roaming sectors.
    Identify and pursue opportunities for market expansion and revenue growth.
  • Strategic Partnerships:
    Forge and nurture strategic partnerships with key players in the IoT and roaming ecosystems.
    Collaborate across departments to maximize the impact of partnerships on business objectives.
  • Revenue Generation:
    Take charge of revenue generation through the acquisition of new clients, securing lucrative contracts, and exploring innovative revenue streams.
  • Market Positioning:
    Develop and implement strategies to position our company as an industry leader and innovator in IoT and roaming solutions.
    Monitor industry trends and customer needs to refine positioning strategies.
  • Team Leadership:
    Lead, motivate, and manage a dynamic commercial team.
    Foster a collaborative and innovative culture that drives excellence in business development.
  • Financial Performance:
    Own financial targets related to new business development in IoT and roaming.
    Collaborate with finance and other departments to ensure alignment with overall strategic objectives.


  • Proven success in commercial leadership roles within the IoT and roaming sectors.
  • Extensive experience in driving business development, cultivating strategic partnerships, and achieving revenue growth.
  • In-depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry, particularly in relation to IoT and roaming services.
  • Exceptional leadership skills, with the ability to inspire and manage high-performing teams.
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills, capable of building and maintaining relationships at the executive level.
  • Innovative thinker with a strategic approach to business development and market positioning.
Remote from Ontario, Canada
English - Native or Bilingual Proficiency
Job Type
Full-Time, Senior/Director Level
Job Category
Business Development

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