Our Network

Enabling Network-As-A-Service, globally.


We are a full member of the GSMA with direct access agreements with 800+ networks worldwide and connectivity for voice, data and SMS in 200+ countries and territories.

Network Infrastructure

Our own core network infrastructure, proprietary Multi-IMSI Connectivity Hub and geo-located points of presence enable robust, scalable connectivity with unmatched coverage, reliability and performance.

Core Network Infrastructure:

  • Data (4G LTE, 3G, 2G), Voice (Camel, USSD) and SMS
  • Custom billing platform that supports multiple rate sheets
  • Real-time billing (1 KB increments, prepaid and postpaid)
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities

Multi-IMSI Connectivity Hub

  • No single point of failure with access to multiple networks in each country for reliable coverage and connectivity
  • Supports dynamic network selection with on-demand remote SIM provisioning (over-the-air) of network credentials

Geo-located Points of Presence

  • Reduce latency
  • Improve data speeds
  • Offer high quality of service.

We deliver our robust network connectivity in many different form factors to support wide-ranging applications.

  • eSIM iUICC Solutions for OEMs
  • ESIM (industrial soldered-mounted)
  • M2M Standard SIM
  • M2M Industrial SIM
  • M2M Soldered Mounted SIM
  • SIM Sticker
  • IoT Connect

Management Platform

Our intelligent, cloud-based management platforms enable complete control and flexibility as well as security and scalability for enterprises.

Access to 100+ API’s for management of rate plans and network connectivity

Credential management platform for secure OTA OTI delivery of network credentials

Real-time monitoring and diagnostics

IoT Management Platform

The Telna IoT Management Platform provides tools for customers to implement cost management controls and use analytics to identify and respond to unusual device behavior in real time. The IoT Management Platform is built with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow customers to integrate features into their own applications.

Network Coverage