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Our Network


Telna Highlights


FCC licensed with spectrum in the USA. Full member of GSMA


20+ IMSI profiles for multiple markets globally


800+ agreements for direct access to 2000+ top-tier networks


Support for voice, SMS and data on 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ LTE. 5G compatible core


Local IMSI profiles in Brazil, China, USA and more


Coverage in 200+ countries and territories


The largest LTE-M coverage around the world


6 geo-located Points of Presence (PoP)


Multi-Network Coverage

  • Network Coverage - Across the Globe

    Experience Telna’s multi-network connectivity in 200+ countries and territories, with 6 geo-located points of presence (PoPs) for lower latency and faster data speeds.
  • The Strongest Connections

    Telna operates its own mobile network infrastructure with 20+ IMSI profiles for global markets as well as over 800 direct access agreements. Thus, providing network access to every network in the world with redundancy on 2G/ 3G / 4G LTE and LTE-M.

    Telna’s Multi-IMSI connectivity enables devices/users to seamlessly swap between the strongest internet connections to guarantee the best coverage and ease of mind.

  • The Largest LTE-M Coverage

    Telna’s IoT solutions support 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and the largest LTE-M coverage. Our systems are 5G ready so that you can always access the fastest connections available.

Network Partners

Bilateral Agreements

Countries & Territories

Direct Network Access


Telna’s Global Connectivity Platform


Telna Site Map POPs-2021-V2


  • Software-defined network with hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • 6 geo-located points of presence (PoP)
  • IPSec gateway and network firewall
  • Secure routing of data traffic
  • Automated virtual private network & IP management
  • Static public/private IP assignment

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