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Managed Connectivity Platform

No CapEx Required Solution for CSPs


Global Connectivity on a Single Pane of Glass

Meet the connectivity demands of your customers with our managed cellular infrastructure. 

Our Cloud Network platform enables Global Cellular Connectivity-as-a-Service. Seamlessly deliver high-quality multi-network voice and data services worldwide.
  • Support for voice, SMS and data on 2G / 3G / 4G LTE 
  • We boast the largest LTE-M coverage around the world
  • Our solutions keep you connected with over 20 IMSI profiles for multiple global markets
  • High-performance and scalable global IP network, to enable on-demand connectivity

Optimize value-added services

Telna's Cloud network platform with API orchestration enables global cellular end-to-end connectivity.
Reach the market faster and find new revenue streams with our fully-managed cellular infrastructure.









Self Management

• Control your devices in real-time with API front-end
   connectivity management
• Create customized packages, rate sheets and whitelists
• Online Charging System (OCS) and billing service
• Set activation rules and throttling policies
• Automate private network routing
• Monitor network activities, services and IMSI profiles.
Telna Delivery Mechanisms-V2-1

Delivery Mechanisms

• Manage your solutions with flexible delivery mechanisms
• Remote over-the-air (OTA) provisioning
• Support for different form factors 2/3/4FF
• eSIM solutions and eSIM profiles
• Programmable SIMs
• Proprietary Telna SIM Operating System & iUICC
• IMSI profiles and OTA SIM management

Integrate to Any Platform

A single pane of glass for any cellular platform

Single-Pane-V10**Example Mobile Network Operators that can benefit from Telna’s technology

Our managed connectivity platform offers a single pane of glass view for all network elements.

It has the ability to interact transparently on different types of networks and platforms and can be integrated into any cellular platform.

Mobile Network Operators and Communications Service Providers can seamlessly integrate and meet their customer’s demands without changes to their existing infrastructure or new CapEx investments.


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Maximize Network Uptime with a 
SD-WAN Dedicated IT Solution

Cellular 4G / 5G Fallback Instant Deployment.

Keep main offices, remote locations and IoT networks connected using a powerful wireless network with a backup internet connection.

Our Managed SD-WAN Solution enables your network to meet connectivity demands. It is a cost effective Network as a Service solution that enhances cloud security and LTE failover for business continuity for traffic control and critical applications.

SD-WAN reduces the complexity and bandwidth requirements and the risks of sending traffic out via a single centralized point, and allows you to monitor your network on a self-managed cloud native portal. There are no up-front investments  which enables you to scale as you grow.

Ensure continuous business operations by failing over to wireless networks and backup internet connections when needed.

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