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Global connectivity on a single pane of glass

Cronus enables global end-to-end connectivity solutions for IoT/M2M, MNOs/MVNOs, and eSIM platforms. It provides network as a service (NaaS) by combining extensive APIs with Telna’s broad connectivity portfolio. Integrating existing infrastructure is made easy with our cloud-based management portal.  


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Cellular Connectivity Platform

Reach far and wide with our Multi-IMSI connectivity Hub


Broad Coverage

Support for voice, SMS and data on 2G / 3G / 4G LTE with coverage in 200+ countries and territories. We boast the largest LTE-M coverage around the world.


Global and Local Profiles

Our solutions keep you connected with over 20 IMSI profiles for multiple global markets. Access local profiles in Brazil, China, USA and more with Telna’s Hub.


Seamless Integration

Cronus’ collaborative infrastructure allows our solutions to coexist with current RESTful APIs and signalling-based (SS7/GTP/Diameter) integrations for utmost convenience.


Network Infrastructure

Experience lower latency and better performance with Cronus

  • Software-defined network with hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • 6 geo-located points of presence (PoP)
  • IPSec gateway and network firewalls
  • Secure routing of data traffic
  • Automated virtual private network & IP management
  • Static public/private IP assignment

Telna Network Infrastructure Map POPs



Control your networks and devices in real-time with Cronus API front-end connectivity management

  • Create customized packages, rate sheets and whitelists
  • Online Charging System (OCS) and billing service
  • Set activation rules and throttling policies
  • Automate private network routing
  • Monitor network activities, services and IMSI profiles.




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Telna - Cronus - Delivery Mechanisms


Delivery Mechanisms

Manage your solutions with flexible delivery mechanisms 

  • Remote over-the-air (OTA) provisioning
  • Support for different form factors 2/3/4FF
  • eSIM solutions and eSIM profiles
  • Programmable SIMs 
  • Proprietary Telna SIM Operating System & iUICC
  • IMSI profiles and OTA SIM management

Use Cases

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Qualified Technical
Support 24/7

Benefit from our network operation center’s (NOC) highly trained technical support and our 24/7 customer agents assistance

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