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TelnaMay 14, 2024 11:11:49 AM1 min read

Telna Joins ROCCO Genesis 2024 as a Sponsor to Showcase Revolutionary eSIM Wholesale Platform

Telna is a Sponsor at ROCCO Genesis 2024, showcasing our eSIM platform

Toronto, Canada - May 14, 2024  – Telna, a leading global connectivity provider, has proudly announced its role as a Sponsor at the upcoming ROCCO Genesis 2024 event. This strategic collaboration underscores Telna's commitment to pushing the boundaries of telecommunications through its state-of-the-art eSIM wholesale platform. Scheduled for May 20-21, 2024, in Seville, Spain, Genesis is an esteemed gathering that aligns perfectly with Telna's vision of revolutionizing roaming connectivity with an advanced technological platform.

Telna will showcase its groundbreaking eSIM connectivity platform, which offers seamless network integration and expanded global coverage. This technology is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Communication Service Providers (CSPs), enabling them to deliver superior connectivity experiences to customers worldwide. Telna's eSIM connectivity platform simplifies the management of roaming services, facilitating easier transitions between networks and enhancing travelers' user experience.

“Participating in ROCCO Genesis 2024 provides us with a unique opportunity to highlight how Telna is at the forefront of the telecommunications revolution," said Gregory Gundelfinger, Telna CEO. "Our advanced eSIM connectivity platform is set to transform the industry by providing more flexible, efficient, and scalable solutions for global connectivity."

Telna's involvement in ROCCO Genesis 2024 is part of its broader strategy to foster strong partnerships within the telecommunications industry and to champion the adoption of innovative technologies that drive progress. Attendees at the event can engage with Telna's experts, explore collaborative opportunities, and learn more about how Telna's eSIM technology can benefit their operations.

For additional information, please visit Telna’s website.

About Telna:

Telna provides a fully managed wholesale platform for Mobile Network Operators and is a leader in eSIM global connectivity. Continuously at the forefront of roaming technology, Telna virtualizes mobile core networks, granting direct access to all networks.

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Telna provides Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Communication Service Providers (CSPs), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a fully managed global cellular connectivity platform. Telna has the largest 2G – 5G, LTE-M to over 800 radio network operators – 300 in direct partnerships – in 200 countries. Its global multi-network connectivity platform enables simplified integration to any platform and enables local break-out with localization that utilizes cloud infrastructure. With one integration to Telna’s platform, we have enabled millions of devices with multi-network connectivity, enabling innovative solutions in the cloud.