About Us

Telna is a wholly owned subsidiary of KnowRoaming, a Toronto-based technology company that provides complete connectivity solutions around the world.

Founded in 1997, Telna has a long track record of providing superior connectivity services and enabling sponsored roaming. Telna’s key differentiator is its Multi-IMSI platform that allows for flexibility in providing coverage at competitive rates. Both Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators can access new roaming revenue through our powerful global platform.

KnowRoaming initially engaged Telna as a supplier of network services in 2012, and in 2014, KnowRoaming invested in Telna. This began a gradual integration of the companies’ management and operations. In November 2016, KnowRoaming announced its full acquisition of Telna. The joining of KnowRoaming and Telna is an exciting evolution. Now customers can experience truly end-to-end connectivity solutions, from network agreements to delivery mechanisms.

Our end-to-end solutions

Today, connectivity is paramount. Global business demands reliable, seamless availability around the world. People and their devices require access to quality networks to enhance productivity.

Telna provides connectivity worldwide. As a full Mobile Network Operator with spectrum in the USA, we provide access to top-tier owned and partner networks around the world. Here are the end-to-end services we offer:

Commercial network agreements

Because Telna is a full Mobile Network Operator, we can negotiate the best rates with network carriers worldwide. We pass these low rates on to our customers: MNOs, MVNOs, OEMs, enterprises, and consumers.

Multi-IMSI technology

Telna’s core offering is its Multi-IMSI Technology, which enables Mobile Network Operators to commercialize their roaming agreements without any investment in additional infrastructure. On this trading platform, MNOs and MVNOs can access roaming agreements, generate additional revenue, and access the lowest rates.

Cloud-based management tools

Telna offers transparent, real-time management tools that allow our customers to monitor and control their costs. Regardless of your context we offer customizable, easy-to-understand platforms where you can remotely manage usage, whether for team members or devices in the field. Other features include

  • Over-the-air provisioning
  • Customized retail rate sheets
  • Multi-tiered billing
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Zero rating of IPs

Delivery options for consumers, SME, and enterprises

In partnership with parent company KnowRoaming, Telna offers a variety of delivery channels. This includes KnowRoaming’s consumer and SME solutions: Global SIM Sticker, Global SIM Card, and Global Hotspot. Telna offers the Soft SIM Platform for OEMs and the IoT Connect for enterprises. Other delivery vehicles include the Smart Multi-IMSI SIM Card and the Embedded SIM (eSIM).

Flexible API solutions

Telna partners and end users have full view of rates and usage through our API.

This includes the ability to offer account top-ups, remote provisioning, number purchasing and more through our API. Dynamic and custom rates are also available.

Telna works with a variety of partners. Read more about our key verticals.