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Accelerating Cellular IoT and Solving Ecosystem Complexities

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As a result of COVID-19, enterprises have been forced to examine how business continuity can be assured in these unprecedented times. Cellular IoT stands to benefit significantly from the crisis, resulting in over 11 billion connections by 2025. This whitepaper explains the role of cellular IoT in mitigating future risk including:

  1. Ecosystem factors that serve to drive connectivity
  2. Driving large scale adoption with a plug-and-play model
  3. Market opportunities for key ecosystem players
  4. How to benefit from multi-carrier network aggregation solutions
  5. Simplifying implementation with roaming and billing models
  6. Maintaining customer retention and revenue across borders
"Cellular IoT requires global support from multiple actors, but there are ways to simplify the process. Offloading agreements can dramatically improve time-to-market while reducing cost of ownership. Telna’s unique exchange hub puts us in the position to provide businesses with simplistic, transparent and secure connectivity solutions during these unprecedented times and moving forward."