Fast, flexible global connectivity and roaming services

Telna’s white-label wholesale solutions for global connectivity offer customers the ability to provide international roaming solutions, and enable enterprise customers to launch IoT services locally, as well as globally.

Our wholesale solution is a high performance, value-added service that brings together connectivity and management in a single bundle.

Telna can help grow your business by unlocking new revenue streams, cost optimizations and improve your service offering for end users.

Benefits Telna Offers

Robust, reliable global coverage

Multi-network connectivity in 200+ countries

Redundancy and reliability

With access to multiple networks in each country, there are no single points of failure, assuring increased reliability.

Seamless integration

Dynamic network selection with on-demand, remote (over-the-air) provisioning of network credentials allows you to easily integrate with no disruption for end users and scale your business.

Faster time to market

Through Telna’s multi-IMSI connectivity hub, customers can receive worldwide coverage in one single agreement, with the flexibility to switch between profiles.

Cloud-based platform

The management portal provides tools for customers to implement cost-management controls and use analytics to identify and respond to unusual device behavior in real time.

Centralized billing and management

Management of all devices and connectivity agreements from one cloud platform. One invoice to track usage across all networks globally.

Flexible APIs

The management portal is built with extensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowing customers to integrate features into their own applications.

Delivery mechanisms

Flexibility to support all types of SIM cards, including eUICC, iUICC, eSIM, Programmable SIMs, and other innovative SIM card delivery mechanisms.


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Our Coverage

4G LTE Coverage

3G Network Coverage

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