Telna’s leading IoT solutions demonstrated at Africa Com

Telna’s leading IoT solutions demonstrated at Africa Com

TORONTO, Canada — November 12, 2018 — Telna, a global connectivity enabler, will be demonstrating its reliable, customizable IoT solutions, including: multi-profile SIM cards, cloud base management platform and eSIM routers, at the AfricaCom conference in Cape Town, South Africa from November 13-15th, 2018 at booth D1A.

“I’m thrilled to be back in South Africa where I grew up and work towards driving innovation and shaping Africa’s digital future,” explains Gregory Gundelfinger, CEO of Telna. “Our company enables reliable, high-bandwidth global connectivity for growing IoT/M2M markets. We can help other businesses grow by unlocking new revenue streams, optimizing costs and service offerings at a global scale.”

Telna ensures redundant, diverse, global coverage

Telna operates its own mobile network infrastructure and has direct access agreements with 800+ networks with coverage in 200+ countries/territories. Combined with its proprietary software-defined-network technology and multi-IMSI platform, Telna is uniquely positioned to provide access to multiple top-tier networks per country/region; increased redundancy, coverage, and reliability to the end-user.

Visit booth D1A for live demonstrations of Telna’s end-to-end connectivity solutions including:

Telna SIM Cards

The programmable multi-profile SIM cards, designed for IoT Connectivity initiatives, have the widest coverage worldwide with redundancy on multiple networks, reducing the dependency on any single mobile network. Customers are in full control of their SIM cards through Telna’s easy-to-use API and management platform.

IoT Connect

The only enterprise-grade, multi-modem, eSIM router that comes out-of-box with global 4G LTE connectivity.

About Telna

Telna is a leading eSIM technology company, enabling IoT and M2M connections anywhere in the world. Our global mobile network covers 200+ countries with 800+ network agreements. We reduce complexities with our intelligent, agnostic end-to-end solutions that enable complete control and flexibility as well as reliability and scalability for enterprises. We help our partners find new revenue streams, go to market faster, and deliver maximum value with customized IoT solutions. Learn more at

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Director of Marketing

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