RoamNow - On ZTE Devices

A hardware free SIM complete with custom management tools and a global roaming network

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Designed for quick, easy implementation with different baseband chipsets, the SoftSIM offers full control and dynamic provisioning, custom designed for Multi-IMSI roaming connectivity. With the technology integrated in handsets, users can automatically connect to networks in foreign countries, monitoring their account usage in real time through the dedicated app, all while benefiting from low data roaming rates and a seamless device-integrated experience.

Telna’s KnowRoaming’s SoftSIM technology empowers users to seamlessly connect to Unlimited Data in 60+ countries worldwide. No additional SIMs or hardware needed. Simply activate a pre-paid data package upon arrival and enjoy effortless connectivity. With the RoamNow! App, users pay only for what they use—there are no contracts or hidden fees. Users can manage their account and monitor their usage in real time.


The ZTE Blade V8 packs high-end features including a fingerprint sensor, dual-lens camera, powerful processor, expandable storage, and more—all at a reasonable price. The pre-installed Roam Now! App is another high-end, yet affordable, feature packaged up by ZTE in the beautiful Blade V8.

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Key Features

  • Data packages to use in 60 countries
  • Easy registration with only your email address and payment method
  • Switch to the Telna-KnowRoaming network with the touch of a button
  • Easily switch back to your home carrier
  • Transparent management through pre-installed app