Managed connectivity solutions for better customer retail experiences

Telna’s secure and reliable solutions empower retailers to conduct their business anywhere around the world. Using our multi-network connectivity, retail service providers can deploy innovative experiences for their customers while maintaining control of cost and quality.

Our high-speed, IoT connectivity provide businesses with real-time data and secure transactions for Point of Sales devices. Retailers can track their assets, manage inventory, receive real-time analytics, set alarms, improve inventory, supply chain, and customer relationship management, and optimize the overall customer retail experience.

We help retailers around the world scale their business quickly and efficiently. We offer support with deploying connectivity solutions for your remote and temporary locations, kiosks, ATMs, vending machines, digital signs, mobile point of sales and more. With Telna’s LTE failover solutions, we ensure your business stays online even when the primary data connection goes down.

Solution Features

Point of Sale Solutions

High data IoT connectivity for Point of Sale devices to increase payment processing time and avoid delays or errors during transactions.

Deep Consumer Insight

Receive valuable customer information and retail insights. Collect data analytics to personalize customer experiences and improve transaction efficiency.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Secure mobile payment solutions to simplify payment processes, operate seamless sale transactions and eliminate data loss and customer information leakage.

Inventory Optimization

Track mobile connected sensors and monitor real-time analytics through connectivity solutions to optimize inventory.

Benefits Telna Offers

  • Multi-network global connectivity in 200+ countries
  • Unlimited device management
  • Full API integration
  • Real-time diagnostic
  • Unified billing architecture and reporting
  • Flexible business model
  • Faster network integrations
  • Flexible delivery mechanisms
  • 24/7 support

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