Quectel’s modules powered by Telna’s virtual SIM operating system technology

Quectel modules empower IoT connectivity in any market and any industry – including transport, payment, energy, security, healthcare, industry, environment, and more. Products manufactured by Quectel clients include smart water and gas meters, smart smoke detectors, wireless point of sale devices, on-board diagnostics machines, asset tracking devices, and emergency alarm panels.

Telna’s Multi-IMSI Connectivity Hub provides access to multiple networks per country/region, thereby offering unmatched redundancy, coverage, and reliability.

The Multi-IMIS Hub, combined with Telna’s proprietary software-defined-network technology, offers the highest quality of coverage. In addition, Telna’s virtualized network infrastructure allows for geo-located Point of Presence (POP) that provides lower latency and faster data speeds and overall, increased performance.

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Modules in products that are helping to build a better, smarter world.