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- Case Study -

Empowering IoT Connectivity for Quectel Modules


Quectel is a leading global supplier of Internet of Things (IoT) modules. Their products are widely used in IoT/M2M fields across all industries on a global scale.
Products manufactured by Quectel clients include smart water & gas meters, smart smoke detectors, wireless point of sale devices, on-board diagnostics machines, asset tracking devices, and emergency alarm panels.



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Business Challenge

Quectel needed a virtual SIM operating system technology to provide their customers with multi-carrier coverage to support their IoT/M2M applications globally. They were looking for a hardware-free cost-effective solution that did not require establishing roaming agreements with multiple cellular vendors.

Telna - Quectel - Case Study - Hardware

Telna Solutions

Telna provided Quectel its Multi-IMSI Connectivity Hub with direct access to 800+ local cellular networks across 200+ countries and territories. This offered unmatched redundancy, coverage, and reliability. The Multi-IMIS Hub, combined with Telna’s proprietary software-defined-network technology, offered the highest quality of coverage.

“Telna’s virtualized network infrastructure allowed for geo-located Point of Presence (POP) that provided lower latency and faster data speeds and overall increased performance."

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