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Out-of-box global connectivity for

Original Equipment Manufacturers and Module Vendors


Telna’s eSIM iUICC solutions provide device-integrated global network connectivity and new revenue streams for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Module Vendors.

Our solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and control through cloud-based management tools, centralized management of all devices with access to multiple rate sheets, real-time billing, and remote provisioning.

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Why choose Telna as your connectivity partner?

  • End to End Connectivity

    From delivery, to management, to global connectivity, Telna’s SIM and eSIM iUICC solutions are truly end-to-end.

  • Turn Key Solutions

    Designed for easy firmware implementation, our software solution is created with different baseband chipsets to ensure a quick, drop-in integration.

  • Complete Control

    With full control and dynamic provisioning, our products are customized for Multi-IMSI connectivity. End-users can manage their usage in real-time through a dedicated app or cloud-based portal.

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