Out-of-box global connectivity for OEM and M2M/IoT vendors

Telna’s eSIM iUICC solutions provide device-integrated global network connectivity and new revenue streams for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Module Vendors.

Our solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and control through cloud-based management tools, centralized management of all devices with access to multiple rate sheets, real-time billing, and remote provisioning.

Why choose Telna as your connectivity partner?


Telna - OEM - End To End

From delivery, to management, to global connectivity, Telna’s eSIM and SoftSIM solutions are truly end-to-end.


Telna - OEM - Turn Key

Designed for easy firmware implementation, our software solution is created with different baseband chipsets to ensure a quick, drop-in integration.


Telna - OEM - Global Connectivity

With full control and dynamic provisioning, our products are customized for Multi-IMSI connectivity. End-users can manage their usage in real-time through a dedicated app or cloud-based portal.

Benefits Telna Offers

Global Connectivity

Access to Telna’s 800+ network agreements and 4G LTE/3G coverage in 200+ countries worldwide, ensuring redundancy and reliability.

Full API

Extensive APIs for management of rate plans and network connectivity.

Flexible Provisioning

Flexible service provisioning, activation, and on-boarding. Seamless integration with no disruption for users and low upfront investment.

Cost Control

With Telna’s eSIM technology, customers always have access to the best data pricing available at any time.


Real-time monitoring systems with alerts, deep reporting, and analytics.

New Revenue Opportunities

Diversifying and increasing recurring service revenues within the IoT/M2M markets.

Margin Share

Commercially generated revenue is shared with the device manufacturer, offering to enhance recurring income streams.

Support 24/7

Best-in-class 24/7 customer service to provide quick, effective, and friendly help.

Telna also offers

  • Dynamic coverage control
  • Unlimited device management
  • Real-time diagnostic
  • All SIM formats
  • New revenue opportunities
  • White-label solutions
  • 24/7 Support
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Use Cases

Telna solutions enable connectivity for your devices anywhere in the world.
Take a look at some of our use-cases below:

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