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- Case Study -

Telna Expands Data
Coverage to Meizu Users


Founded in 2003, Meizu is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. They have developed a series of smartphones utilizing the Android-based Flyme operation system. According to statistics from IC Insights, Meizu is the world’s 11th largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, selling over 20 million phones in 2015.



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Business Challenge

The Meizu team needed to offer expanded global LTE/4G/3G data coverage through Meizu’s international data roaming solution. To avoid establishing multiple roaming agreements in several countries and handling multiple billing invoices, they needed one network partner who would provide connectivity, cost-effectiveness and simple management under one roof.

Telna Solutions

Telna provided Meizu with a one-point global connectivity solution. Meizu leveraged Telna’s mobile infrastructure that had direct access agreements with 800+ networks and coverage in 200+ countries/territories, combined with Telna’s proprietary software-defined-network technology and Multi-IMSI platform.

With Telna’s global connectivity solutions, Meizu reached access to multiple top-tier networks to support increased redundancy, coverage, and reliable all-time connectivity to their end-user. The Meizu Flyme 6 intelligent feature-rich operating system allowed users to connect with low-cost international data directly and hassle-free.

Telna - Meizu - Case Study - Smartphone

“The integration of Telna-KnowRoaming global network connectivity into our products enhances the value-added services we offer our customers by providing an easy, affordable and reliable way to roam in more countries around the world.”

Zhang Donghui
Vice-General Manager of Meizu Roaming Services

Business Benefits

Telna's one-stop connectivity solution empowered the Meizu team to offer an affordable and reliable roaming experience to their customers around the world. The integration of the global network into their product enhanced their value-added services and all of their users could manage their roaming usage in real-time.

Meizu users in mainland China can conveniently connect to low-cost international data directly from the settings menu of Meizu’s intelligent, feature-rich operating system, Flyme 6. They can manage their roaming usage in real-time and purchase pre-paid data packages –giving Meizu customers in mainland China unprecedented control over their roaming costs.

Meizu users now enjoy low-cost data roaming in even more regions around the world including countries in the USA, Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Latin America.


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