IoT / M2M

Telna IoT Platform provides reliable global connectivity, cloud management and remote provisioning for your business needs

We are helping several industries to build a smarter world for their consumers.

Telna enables connectivity and management for IoT devices. Our eSIM cloud-based technology makes IoT deployment process simple and efficient, delivering maximum value with customized solutions.

Fully Reliable

Regardless of where your device is located, it can connect to a local network that services that area.

Easy to Manage

Devices are SIM-free and are managed remotely through a secure web portal, so there is no need to deal with individual carriers.


By pooling bandwidth, you can enjoy optimum data rates, wherever your devices operate. Keep costs low and predictable with real-time usage monitoring.

IOT Management Platform

The IoT Management Platform provides real-time cost monitoring and controls:

  • Automation rules, remote diagnostics, and rate plans optimization to eliminate unpredictable spend and lower overall cost
  • Ability to switch between networks in each country based on costs
  • Detailed statistics for connectivity sessions, usage etc.
  • Easy-to-read monthly reports that present this information alongside usage statistics and summaries

Robust, reliable global coverage:

  • LTE 4G 3G global connectivity
  • Connect to multiple operators simultaneously for complete redundancy
  • Unique, super-aggregation: connection can run over multiple towers and carriers, with a maximum transfer rate up to four times the speed of an individual radio