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Latakoo, a company based in Austin, Texas, is a cloud-based platform that provides solutions worldwide for fast and secure transfer and delivery of large video files. Latakoo customers include broadcasters, television stations, production companies, and marketing firms.

Business Challenge

Latakoo's technology speeds up the delivery of high definition video files but they were not able to provide an Internet connection to their customers.
Broadcasters struggle with gaps in service and data throttling. They juggle SIM cards and bills from multiple providers.

Telna Solutions

Telna provides reliable, high-bandwidth, global connectivity to the Latakoo team, with access to 800+ networks worldwide, which enables them to present end-to-end solutions to their customers for fast transfer and delivery of large video files.

Latakoo leveraged Telna’s connectivity and its geo-located Points of Presence (PoPs). It is designed to offer high-speed unthrottled data with lower latency to provide the fastest possible uploads. Telna's unified billing system simplified processes for Latakoo and their customers with a single invoice for their wide network usage.

"The nice thing about Telna is that they never going to throttle you. You sign-up for Telna you are always going to have that connectivity and you are never going to get throttled".

Paul Adrian

CEO Latakoo

Business Benefits

Telna helped Latakoo optimize their end-to-end upload management service solutions. Latakoo’s broadcasting customers have benefited from Telna’s multi-carrier global connectivity solutions to reach faster uploads and deliver high volume content in real-time across the world. They eliminated their logistical related complexities and lowered their costs by partnering with one connectivity solution provider.

"Telna provides the bandwidth, Latakoo provides the best possible video workflow, together we are a combined solution that helps video professionals send the highest quality video fast! From the field back to the studio".

Paul Adrian

CEO Latakoo

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