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IoT Cellular Service

Fully Managed Connectivity for OEMs


Managed Cellular Network Infrastructure for Global IoT Deployments

Deliver high-quality services faster and more efficiently. Find new revenue streams with local, global and secure IoT deployments and pave the way for 5G.

Our end-to-end connectivity solutions make the IoT deployment process simple and efficient. We enable our partners to support IoT deployments on a global scale.


Global Network, One Single Agreement

Reach the market faster with one global operator. Leverage Telna’s eSIM solution and scale as your customers grow.
  • High-bandwidth mobile multi-network connectivity across the globe
  • Virtualized infrastructure with geo-located Points of Presence (POP)
  • Lower latency and optimized data speeds
    Cloud-based management and extensive APIs
  • Global SIM cards with 4G LTE / 3G coverage in 200+ countries
  • Redundancy and reliability

Optimize Network Selection with Ease

With Telna’s IoT Cellular Connectivity, customers can define network selection on attributes that are relevant to their applications and devices. Network coverage, network quality, cost per KB, usage limits and more.

Global IP Network

Our cloud-based platform delivers a global IP network with scalable bandwidth that ensures connectivity worldwide.
You can easily manage IoT devices globally with a low to zero upfront investment.

Seamless Integration

Integrate existing infrastructure to support all your IoT use-cases with our network as a service (NaaS) model. One Seamless integration with no disruption for users ensures security and reliability.

Simplified IoT Management

Securely and remotely provision your SIMs over the air to leverage local network profiles. Manage your connectivity and track all of your IoT devices in one convenient location. 


Simplify Global IoT with a Single


Our reliable connectivity platform with flexible integration and unified billing architecture offers scalable opportunities to optimize IoT businesses and serve your enterprise customers across all major industry applications.

-- Broadcasting - Maritime - Transportation - Consumer Electronics - Supply Chain - Energy - Health Care -Retail --

Telna’s eSIM solutions provide device-integrated global network connectivity and new revenue streams for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Module Vendors. Our solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and control through cloud-based management tools, centralized management of all devices with access to multiple rate sheets, real-time billing, and remote provisioning.


Reduce Complexity with One Global SIM 

 Seamless and secure global IoT deployment, using a single SIM for remotely programmable on-demand service.

It provides mobile data connectivity to all IoT devices worldwide.


A single SIM for every IoT use case and device. This universal SIM card provides global multi-carrier 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and LTE-M data coverage for any IoT/M2M application. All SIM form factors are available with eUICC (eSIM) capability for ultimate network operator flexibility and deployments. Request a free IoT SIM Trial pack and experience our connectivity first hand.


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