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Telna provides global connectivity solutions for enterprises and operators across all major industry applications. 

Our customized solutions, broad connectivity, multi-network portfolio and extensive APIs provide a secure Network as a Service (NaaS) with scalable opportunities to optimize your IoT business.



Telna partners with the world’s largest leading broadcasters to deliver news and live events globally. We offer customized solutions to equip camera crews, broadcasters, and reporters with reliable high-speed mobile connectivity across the globe.

Telna’s virtualized infrastructure allows for geo located Points of Presence (POP), which lowers latency, provides better data speeds and improves quality of service.


Journalist Connectivity 

Experience the simplicity of one SIM for multi-network mobile connectivity across the globe.

Upload Content 

Securely access newsrooms and content management systems, and upload time-sensitive content with superior connectivity directly from the field, no matter the location.

Transfer High Volumes 

Stream high volumes of data 24/7 and efficiently transfer to asset managers from anywhere in the world.


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Telna provides high-bandwidth mobile connectivity that enables ships to optimize routes, monitor equipment, track assets, and provide internet access to passengers.


Passenger Connectivity

Connectivity for passengers and crew at each port using only one global SIM. 

Fleet Management

Intelligent fleet management for efficient tracking and routing.

Cargo Tracking

Real-time tracking and monitoring with IoT connectivity in 200+ countries and territories.


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Our multi-network solutions enable the management of fleets in 200+ countries and territories while gaining valuable insights into driver behaviour, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, scheduling and effective routing. 

Telna’s solutions include global connectivity, cloud-based management, detailed usage reports and real-time tracking solutions for vehicles and shipments to make your fleet operations safer, greener, and more cost-effective. We support third-party APIs for traffic reporting, average speed, and driver behaviour monitoring.


Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Grow your transportation businesses by reducing costs and improving efficiency with our easy to manage connectivity platform and dedicated support team.

Fleet Management

Optimize performance, reduce costs and improve productivity with our vehicle management connectivity solutions.

Asset Tracking

Monitor and manage high-value assets in real-time with reliable and consistent global multi-network coverage.



Enhance your driving experience and generate new revenue opportunities by embedding our flexible wireless connectivity solutions directly into your automobiles.


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Consumer Electronics

Connect, secure, manage and scale consumer devices with reliable multi-network mobile connectivity. Our SIM cards and global 4G LTE / 3G coverage in 200+ countries and territories allow consumers to use devices globally without fear of roaming.

Create a customized user experience like no other by tapping into this rapidly evolving market with cloud connectivity, value-added services, data analytics, and consumer behaviour monitoring. We provide reliable and cost-effective connectivity to power smartphones, wearables, security systems, surveillance cameras, thermostats, lighting, and more.


Enabling people and objects to stay connected 

Telna helps bring together people, ideas, and information through the use of our IoT global connectivity in trackers, wearables, healthcare technology, and more.

Wearable Devices

Telna offers connectivity to customers in 200+ countries and territories around the world. Embedding connectivity into every device enables new billable services and allows customers to stay in touch no matter where they are or what they’re doing.


Telna powers tracking devices with seamless connectivity to help you keep track of all your most important possessions. Our global coverage allows your device to maintain a strong and reliable connection.

Smartphones / Global Roaming

Telna is partnered with several mobile device manufacturers globally to allow customers to purchase connectivity directly from their devices. Our eSIM technology and the RoamNow! companion app are currently used in select Alcatel and ZTE devices and our innovative solutions are used to power roaming solutions for Xiaomi, Meizu, Samsung, and CAIH.


KnowRoaming uses the Telna network to access over 200 direct agreements with carriers worldwide. The competitive rates and reliable network allows KnowRoaming to sell roaming services through different platforms.


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Supply Chain

With more visibility and control over your logistics network, we give businesses the ability to modernize their operations, lower costs, decrease theft, and improve the flow of assets.


End-to-End Supply Chain Monitoring

Our monitoring system activates smart supply chain management with global coverage and eliminates the complexity of integrations.


Inventory and Material Tracking

Easily locate and monitor your inventory to optimize logistics, maintain inventory levels, prevent quality issues and detect theft.


Real-Time Asset Monitoring

Telna’s real-time asset monitoring system enables predictive diagnostics of assets to automatically identify maintenance and quality problems before they occur.


Connected Operational Intelligence

Easily analyze and gain insights on KPIs with real-time visibility to increase operational performance and improved decision making.


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Telna’s multi-network connectivity helps energy service providers reduce their carbon footprint, improve distribution, and integrate renewable energy options. 

Businesses can integrate and track energy assets, collect real-time data from smart meters, reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, and get significant energy savings.

Telna’s network can help improve grid intelligence, operation and data management. Our white-label, cloud API-based management portal provides extensive functionalities for energy service providers to create, manage, control and monetize efficient energy solutions.


Energy Management

Deliver data to enable efficient energy management. Create alerts and report fault detection.

Smart Metering

Optimize energy distribution with lower costs.

Optimize energy distribution with reduced costs

Reduce peak consumption improving consumer behaviour.

Smart Grid Monitoring

Balance power load and prevent energy overloads by monitoring smart grid in real time. Automate distribution, monitor events and alarms, and reduce energy theft.


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Health Care

Hospitals, healthcare device manufacturers and practitioners are able to remotely connect more patients to healthcare services with the help of IoT. Telna helps healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience, reduce hospital visits, and minimize healthcare costs.

Our platform delivers fast, easy deployment, secure connectivity, full device management capability, and service quality assurance.


Device Management

Integrate apps and devices with healthcare systems while easily managing remote and on-premise network connections for healthcare devices.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor patient data, create reports, and use predictive analytics to improve services and treatments.

Asset Management

Track the location of hospital equipment in real-time.

Remote Equipment configuration

Regulate wearables and patient monitoring devices remotely.


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Our global multi-network connectivity will help to efficiently scale your business by increasing speed to market, streamlining operations and improving customer experience. Retailers can track assets, manage inventory, receive real-time analytics, set alarms, improve inventory, boost customer relationship management, and optimize the overall customer retail experience.


Deploy secure connectivity solutions for your remote and temporary locations, kiosks, ATMs, vending machines, digital signs, mobile point of sales and more with Telna. Our LTE failover solutions ensure that your business stays online even when the primary data connection goes down. 


Point of Sale Solutions

We provide high data IoT connectivity for point of sale devices to increase payment processing time and avoid delays or errors during transactions.


Deep Consumer Insight

Collect data analytics to personalize customer experiences and improve transaction efficiency while receiving valuable customer information and retail insights.


Mobile Payment Solutions

Simplify payment processes, operate seamless sale transactions, and eliminate data loss or customer information leakage.


Inventory Optimization

Easily track mobile connected sensors and monitor real-time analytics through our connectivity solutions.


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