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- Case Study -

Keeping Crew in Touch Across the World


Speedcast International Ltd (ASX: SDA) is a provider of end-to-end remote communication and IT solutions. Speedcast supports mission-critical applications in industries such as maritime, oil & gas, enterprise, media, cruise and government.

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Business Challenge

SpeedCast was looking to provide on-shore connectivity to crew members. Their customer’s crew members usually travel within low coverage areas and face difficulties in obtaining an uninterrupted network. They needed a robust connectivity solution that could offer multi-carrier coverage. Their primary concern was to eliminate the efforts of multiple roaming agreements with local vendors and remove the burden of operational tasks.

Telna Solutions

Telna provided Speedcast high bandwidth global connectivity and Multi-IMSI technology. This technology gave access to 800+ networks and enabled their devices to seamlessly switch from one cellular network to another.

Telna also provided a travel companion app - CrewReach (available for iOS and Android devices). The mobile app allowed subscribers to be in complete control of their spending, showing data costs in each country and the amount of data consumed. Prepaid credit was made to be easily applied by either a credit card or a prepaid voucher.

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"Telna provided an affordable option that makes time away from family and friends bearable and provides cost effective connectivity with almost any mobile network across the world."

Business Benefits

All-time connectivity amongst the crew members was a significant advancement across industries. It directly impacted the business welfare as the employees easily got connected with their families and the outside world. They achieved a cost-effective and straightforward solution with the self-managed tool which enhanced the overall experience.


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