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Connectivity Hub

Integrate connectivity directly onto your platform

One global cellular platform with 25+ IMSIs

Unlock Value Without CapEx

  Arrange contracts directly with Hub members
  Comply with commercial and regulatory obligations
  Generate new revenue by offering profiles to Hub members
  Retain billing and Enterprise customers as they expand globally
  Access Global and Local Profiles in Brazil, China, USA and more

Multi-IMSI Connectivity


Providing a seamless integration at the signalling layer that enables:

IMSI Exchange for Carriers

Asset_17Multi-IMSI Solutions for Mobile Networks
Instant access to 25+ IMSIs
Asset_19 Support for Voice, SMS and Data on 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / LTE-M in 200+ countries

Enhance Value with Localization

A compact overview of the offered pricing options of your product

SIM Card Localization
SIM Card Localization

Enable your enterprise customers with SIM cards to be distributed globally with a single MNO supplier. Manage devices on existing roaming infrastructure but with a localized SIM card.

Multi IMSI and Local Profiles
Multi IMSI and Local Profiles

Our platform provides multiple IMSI profiles with permanent roaming access at competitive rates in regions like Asia, Middle East, and Africa, as well as IMSIs in regulated countries including Brazil and China.

Local Breakout, PGW / UPF
Local Breakout, PGW / UPF

Our global Cellular Network with 5G CUPs architecture and multiple data centres around the world enables high-performance and low latency data. The GTP HUB provides Local Breakouts, Control, User traffic split and Interoperability.

Permanent Roaming

Standard roaming agreements to support M2M devices outside their home country.



Affiliate Roaming

Using a group IMSI to access other group properties.



Local Profile

Taking a local profile and only using it in one country (no roaming).



Power your Solutions with LPWA / CAT-M

Monetize data access with the largest LTE-M footprint

Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) technologies open up new low-bandwidth IoT applications for cellular across several industries.

LPWA is a reliable option for massive and critical IoT and LTE meets the speed requirements.

We boast the largest LTE-M footprint worldwide that supports all cellular-enabled IoT LPWA solutions and device-to-cloud platform integrations.

With our hybrid cloud infrastructure, 6 geo-located points of presence (PoP), a software-defined network, and secure routing of data traffic, our platform ensures that your IoT device data is secured, delivered reliably and quickly all over the world.

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