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Telna - CAIH - Case Study
- Case Study -

One Point-Access Communication Platform for CAIH


CAIH (China-ASEAN information Harbor) is a Guangxi based information hub and an industrial base. They serve Southwest China, Central South China and ASEAN countries. They needed a robust, reliable and redundant network coverage. They were seeking a one-stop solution with multi-carrier connectivity and a management tool to monitor the data usage in real-time.



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Telna Solutions

Telna provided their Multi-IMSI Hub technology to CAIH. This proprietary technology delivered global connectivity with access to multiple 4G LTE/3G high-performance networks worldwide. Overall it offered redundancy, coverage and reliability for outbound roaming.

Telna - CAIH - Case Study - Smartphone

Business Benefits

CAIH services combined with Telna’s reliable and secure network facilitates uniform cloud communication services to CAIH customers. It also offers an easy to deploy and manage one-point access communications platform.

Telna - CAIH - Map - Case Study



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