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Telna - Case Study - Broadcasters
- Case Study -

Broadcasters go Faster with Telna's Connectivity

Business Challenge

One of the most trusted sports broadcasters requires high-speed and reliable internet connectivity with low latency to deliver their content. They relied on bonded cellular solutions that need multiple SIM cards per broadcast device. This resulted in complicated logistics and vendor relationships involving multiple accounts with various mobile network operators globally. Not only do they have to constantly swap SIM cards, but they also encountered many limitations such as inactive accounts, damaged SIMs, inconsistencies with coverage, speed, and complex support processes.

Telna Solutions

Telna’s global network provided its broadcasting customer access to 800+ networks worldwide, enabling their devices to seamlessly switch cellular networks in 200+ countries for consistent and reliable 4G LTE 3G connectivity. Telna’s cloud-based management portal allowed the customer’s team to monitor all of their devices online in real-time and transparently view data usage in one place. Its infrastructure includes Points of Presence (PoP) across different geographical locations and markets to provide lower latency and faster data transfer speeds.

Business Benefits

Telna provided the complete solution that its broadcasting customer needed to reduce logistics, field support complexity, and lower costs. Telna’s solutions offer diverse multi-carrier coverage with unthrottled bandwidth and flexible billing models. This has allowed the customer to standardize global connectivity solutions for their devices, empowering journalists to broadcast with ease and not be inconvenienced with swapping SIM cards or aggravating support. Download the full case study below.


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