Alcatel Trackers

Keep everything important to you in sight


Enabling people and objects to stay connected

Whether it be your dog, child or luggage, always know where they are with the smart Move Track. Attach this device and download the companion app to be notified in real time where the object is and where it has traveled to. In addition, you can receive information whenever the animal or luggage leaves your chosen location. It can be pinned where you need it, and the product will withstand water and shocks. With really compact dimensions and low weight, the locator is unobtrusive, and you will hardly notice it.

Telna gives trackers connectivity to give you peace of mind

In a world of communication there is no reason why you should ever worry about your most valuable possessions being lost.Telna’s coverage has access to networks worldwide making these trackers always online, always reliable.

Key Features

  • Quality supported by Alcatel
  • Track your pet or luggage and suitcases
  • Up to 4 days standby time
  • The package includes a practical case for collar fastening
  • Tracking is done through a mobile app (iOS or Android)
  • Compact dimensions